Boy born with no eyes, nose and jaw

Wonder in medical science

It is still a miracle that Yahya El Jabaly lived past the day he was born. He did not have eyes or the upper jaw. He also had a huge hole on his forehead, the site where the nose should have been located. He is now three years old after he survived an eighteen hour reconstructive surgery and his star is still shining bright.

The boy was born in morocco. His condition was due to incomplete development during the nine months before birth. This led to the boy being born without a bone on the front side of the head. Medics are not certain what caused the problem but they are sure it has nothing to do with genetics but rather a spontaneous.

Take care of the problem

The boy’s family has a rough time getting a good medic to take care of the problem since it was to the extreme. The family has to plea worldwide via social media which is when they made contact with Dr. Fatima Baraka from Moroccan whose place of work is in Australia. Fatima then contacted Dr. Holmes who later agreed to handle the matter. It was a pitiful sight which is what made the doctor fell sorry for him and agree to help him.

The procedure to correct the situation was very complicated and risky and they had to take plenty of time to get ready for the situation. The operation took a whole 10 hours, longer than they had planned, but it was completed successfully.