Among the prime issue when you focused on diseases like Alzheimer’s Parkinsons & various brain based ailments, is that about blood brain blockade. There are very tiny molecules & medicines that may go through barrier, wherein it will protect the brain from infection. Now there is a new biotechnology company known as ArmaGen that were able to discover how big the medicines for antibodies can penetrate into the brain without causing more damage to the sensitive barrier & without the need for the patient to go through an operation.

How the drug will treat brain disease

It’s the company’s first ever developed medicine. It will target the rare disease known as mucopolysaccharidosis type 2, which is similarly recognized as the hunter syndrome 2. This illness is a liposomal stowage illness, which is the same as Tay-Sachs ailment. This is brought about by lack of enzyme, iduronate 2 sulfatase. This is risky and fatal and it targets kids as early as age 2.

The affectivity of the new medicine

This new medicine is a type of antibody that will bind the insulin receptor around the exterior of the chambers of the blood brain barrier. This antibody contains the omitted enzyme & it will bind the receptors on the cells when it’s brought to the brain. There are tests conducted to animals and the tests showed that the medicine is so effective in bringing the enzyme to the brain regardless if they are in big protein portions. This is a new milestone in the attempt to facilitate the treatment to the brain and then target illnesses like Alzheimer’s, wherein a lot of failed clinical trials were conducted due to the antibody based treatments that are not effective in entering the brain.
The company is very happy to receive FDA label as an orphan drug for their AGT-182. This label is very essential in tactical breakthrough in the improvement of their program. This is according to Callaway who is an office of ArmaGen. He added that it indicates a new transformation in the company’s attempt to revolutionize their way of preparing & the change from examination state to clinical stage.
The orphan drugs tagged by the FDA are medicines that are meant for rare diseases wherein no other present treatments are available. The designated category gave ArmaGen the capacity to elevate their scientific proceedings & tax breaks and then extend the exclusivity of their drug in the market. The company now has drugs for Alzheimer’s, stroke, Hurler’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Their scientific proceedings are probable to start in 2 years’ time with their file for a fresh medicine request with FDA in 2014. They will continue to apply their BBB penetrating approach to different compounds internally and external collaborations with other pharmaceuticals will be done as well.