There is this kind of brain tumor, which is known as Gliomas. This can be cured with surgery or by using a radiation therapy. However, this type of brain tumor is advanced, so even after a therapy it will become more destructive. The newest study has shown that radioactive therapy after chemotherapy can greatly improve the progression free survival of the patient along with the life expectancy in grownups with low-grade gliomas. This study is based on adult’s reaction on the treatment after the comparison with a radioactive therapy only.

Understanding Gliomas and its Origin

Gliomas are known as prime brain tumors and it can be visible in the brain or in the spinal cord. They came from the glial cells that functions as the support and protection of the neurons inside the brain. They are dissimilar from other variants of cancer that came from nowhere and then spread to the brain. Gliomas can be categorized in low grade & in high grade, but that depends on the appearance that will be seen when using a microscope. Low grade gliomas can be categorized into 5 different kinds and patients may suffer from headaches, nausea, seizures and hardness to concentrate, because of the tumor that is pressing at the serious part of the brain.

The treatment options for gliomas

Surgery is the prime option for the treatment wherein the malignant parts will be eradicated and then it will be followed by a radiation therapy. But of course, both treatment options are effectively known in completely removing the tumor, the cancer will soon progress, investigators have formulated a new chemotherapy treatment for it. They have found the effectiveness of procarbazine, CCNU & vincristine or better known as PPV. It has shown the capacity to improve PFS in different tests. PFS is the depth of time beforehand and after the treatment while the condition is in the process of treatment doesn’t go worst.

The effectiveness of PCV treatment to patients

The patients who were treated with PCV were able to add five ½ years more to their lives than those patients who only went through radiation therapy alone. PCV is an effective and very common combination with chemotherapy in neuro-oncology. But the effectiveness was questioned previously. The test which is known as ROTG 9802 were able to track two hundred fifty one patients with low grade gliomas from October of 1998 to June of 2002, who were given chemotherapy dose and a radiation treatment. The patients were placed in a high-risk category due to the fact that they were all in their forties, or had a not so complete surgical removal of their tumor when they were still younger.

The investigators found out that those who had oligodendroglioma which is a kind of slow growing low grade glioma tumor are better responders to the treatment than patients with astrocytoma, which are the 2 kinds of low grade gliomas, its women who were found to respond better with this type of treatment.

Note that while radiation after chemo can help brain cancer patients, well, the patient needs a lot of care and support. The caregivers should in that case have CPR certification just in case they have to resuscitate a patient whose heart has stopped.