Avoiding retail clinics guarantees good pediatric careThe owners come up with absurd names to lure in customers who’ll be there thinking that the speedy and fast in-and-out services is what’s entailed in normal high quality medical institutions.They couldn’t be farther from the truth as these mini-hospitals are just but the ‘fast food’ joints of health care industry. Your children really don’t need to be exposed to such given that there are more quality hospitals than you can count with your hands.

Defining pediatric care fit for your child

Quality pediatric care is that which can be able to effectively take care of your child. The time spent on them is vital as they aren’t rushed in-and-out even before their whole story, history and body is looked at. Quality services should entail things such as

  • Reviewing history of the child’s illnesses
  • Looking at records which might include vaccines and immunizations
  • Being available for all problems including social ones that might be caused by hidden ailments

It should be noted that in most cases, every problem, no matter how minute, is a signal to something greater or more significant. You can catch up to a major concern based on how a child is developing and operating. These are services that you will rarely receive from retail clinics. A snapshot of every development and encounter can produce a video about their well-being if put together in an album, or record.

The difference between the two

While quality health institutions are packed with well trained professionals, retail clinics find themselves with mid-level recruits who can do something similar and most importantly fit within management’s budget. It’s imperative to also keep up with community standards and regulations, something retail clinics rarely adhere to.

A medical director of one of the biggest chains of retail clinics had some points to state

  • They (retail clinics) are fully committed to the idea of setting up medical homes; they’ve currently given to the public what is evidently cheap camp and sports physicals with the intention of convincing patients to decamp from their regular hospitals.
  • She states that, and I quote “There is a shortage of 40,00 primary care physicians in the USA, and we can fill the gap” It’s true about the shortage though the bone of contention lies in the fact that their expertise combined couldn’t measure up to the quality demanded by the nation let alone a small town.

There is conflicting interests with these retail clinics based on the fact that they won’t make any money if they don’t prescribe a drug for you in any of their clinics. Hospital doctors will on the other hand do what’s best for you since they get paid to give prescriptions and treat and not to sell any of the drugs in the store. You should just come to term with the idea that though retail clinics offer you the fast services you crave for, they won’t offer you quality which is something your child deserves when it comes to pediatric care.