Learn how you can beat psoriasisAny time a new psoriasis treatment has emerged at the pipeline, most people suffering from this condition starts to explore the possibility of having to switch to the newly found medication. Of course, every patient hopes to find a therapy or medication which not just works but also stays forever. However, for most people managing psoriasis, this scenario is not realistic as such. As of now, not so many patients have made up their mind on which medication or therapy they are going to start on next. In fact, for most patients, it’s all about wait and sees when it comes to considering a new treatment. They tend to take time as they figure out what to do next once their current medication stops to work. So, if you are combining Neoral and Enbrel, you should know which new therapy to switch to in the near future.

Could Stelara be the new solution for psoriasis?

Stelara is the new drug on the block that many are waiting to see if it works or not. Most people who have used this new drug have given positive responses about their personal experiences with it. However, just as you would expect with any kind of medication, it will work great for some and not good for others due to many varied reasons. With such a rate of success, everyone would be naturally inclined to start using it and convinced that it is finally the much awaited savior for people with this condition. But just everyone else, most psoriasis patients are reluctant to try it out without thinking properly and doing more research.

The new findings about stelara

According to the findings of a study undertaken on stelara, the clinical response regarding both high and low doses of stelara were significantly high compared to etanercept during the 12 week period of the study. This study was first of its kind in comparing 2 biologic agents used to treat plaque psoriasis. The findings also showed that stelara was more effective among psoriasis patients didn’t respond well to etanercept. Well, it’s also known that efficacy is not everything to consider when taking any kind of medication as another critical factor worthy consideration is safety.

Safety of using stelara

For people living with psoriasis, safety of the drug can never be assumed under any costs. According to Dr. Mark Lebwohl, it is essential for someone to weigh his or her options when deciding to use a new medication. Any psoriasis patient must realize that some will respond so well to Enbrel, which is well reputed when it comes to its safety. On the other hand, while stelara is undoubtedly more effective, the only unfortunate thing is that it is a new entrant in the world of medications and no track record exists about it as far as safety is concerned. With such comments, most people are stranded on whether to start using sterala or continue with Enbrel injection. Well, given the about insights, you have more than enough information to make an informed decision.