Repercussions of seeking appointments with Dr. GoogleThe experience is made excruciatingly unbearable by the fact that some parts of your body are not working normally. You find yourself tiring easily as your muscles twitch and pain in all the time. You aren’t getting any break as you continue experiencing the symptoms consistently as the weeks go by. It’s only when you are unable to be of any use to yourself and those around you that you discover that it’s finally time to do something.

The fact that you are doctor-shy doesn’t do you any good as you sort out the services of Dr. Google. Dr. Google is as real as daylight and isn’t like the normal physician in your local hospitals. He, unlike others, takes in your questions and answers all questions within the shortest time imaginable. What you once knew as muscle twitches now becomes muscle fasciculation while the one remedy you had becomes part of an infinite list of suggestions.

The kind of help you only get from Dr. Google

The funny thing is that most of the suggestions made point to the fact that what you are currently feeling is not only documented, but known on personal level. You start feeling the connection as if the doctor were right in front of you examining your body. It’s then said that you have motor neuron at the least, or multiple sclerosis, that’s if luck is on your side. It’s important to note that the latter will witness you stuck to a wheelchair in a decade or less.

Glancing at the statistics of median survival rates makes fear rush to your spine to the extent that you might even stay grounded before your time is due if you have multiple sclerosis. This is because its states that the fortunate ones get to enjoy on average 3 – 5 more years of their lives before they drown in their own spit. The comparison with Steven Hawking is disturbingly unfounded considering he has all the wealth and can cope with such conditions while you on the other hand will struggle given that you still need your mobility to survive and feed your off-springs.

You are literally knocked off your feet as the symptoms continue to increase as hours become days and days become weeks. You aren’t helped by the fact that now, your regular doctor, postponed your appointment by a few extra weeks. Insomnia kicks in due to the twitching muscles accompanied by the fact that you are scared stiff about your condition. The level of anxiety you experience now hits new levels.

Those around you, wife and kids, notice that something is not with you though opt to remain numb about it. No one wants to put reality into perspective not at least until the diagnosis is done by the doctor. A dark cloud lingers across the home during this period as you wait for your doctor.

Finally, the wait is over and you get that appointment only to shockingly find out that what you have is a mere case of ‘ANXIETY’. That’s right, ‘anxiety’. ‘Are you sure that’s it!!’ you ask in profound disbelief. It probably is as an intense dosage of anxiety can do that to a person if not worse.

Admitting that Dr. Google was wrong all along

You might wonder how Dr. Google could be so wrong yet he seemed to know what you were experiencing. You might want to sue though chances of that being successful might first of all commence with you finding Dr. Google’s physical address.

The fact is that Dr. Google operates on terms that totally contradict normal medical procedure. He doesn’t ask any questions because you are the one who asks all the question and he doesn’t give any prescriptions but an infinite list of suggestions. Most importantly, he won’t give you a diagnosis but an assumption based on what you think you have. It’s often miraculous in the rare occasions that Dr. Google gets it right though it’s not proof that he’s the best person to visit. Just put your trust on real doctors who will actually examine you and use Dr. Google as a reference point or when you get to know where his real address is located.