Asthma and allergies can all result from simple skin reaction like a rash mostly associated with eczema. According to the described research results, it was accounted that probiotics, normally known as good bacteria usually said to prevent various disease causing incidents from spreading to other part of the body, by balancing the entire bacteria population in the gut, may have a positive impact on the health of babies when immune cells are used to present those results. Generally, those cells normally cross the placenta before being passed out as milk allowing the baby to feed on them when breastfeeding.

Is it time for women to start taking probiotics?

Some researchers still account that the tests are in their initial stages thus they may not encourage women yet, to go and start purchasing probiotics in order to start reducing chances of eczema. Although the results you expect to target my not at all be worthwhile to every person out there, the study is still underway to determine chances of women who would be able to succeed on those grounds. In other words, up to 241 women have already been signed with the program and their pregnancy is not only subject to admirable results in the study but could also be a solution for every woman worried about eczema on their infants.

Which category of mothers?

Sometimes, it’s confusing to understand which category of mothers remains vulnerable to cases of eczema in their infants. According to the results of the study, it was concluded that mothers with a history of allergies, as well as those with a history of diabetes were also prone to the misfortune. Although the chances of mothers still in that category list may give birth to healthy babies who may not develop such conditions at all, it is still necessary for concerned mothers give the study a test by remaining patient until the full results are published.

Up to the age of 2, on the research results, it was concluded that those mothers who took part in the study, about one quarter of the children portrayed cases of positive tests for sensitivity to allergens. Some researchers have however attested that the results and the research procedure as fascinating and encourage experts to keep up with the good work.

According to the US food and drug administration, probiotics are classified as foods. They are further placed under the category of dietary supplements. This means that it isn’t necessary for those products to be proven to work before they get marketed. However, unless further information is published about their effectiveness, they cannot be sold as medications to treat or prevent certain conditions.