The release of mobile health, which is an adaptation of other similar applications that subscribers purchase from mobile operators and carrier networks, is one of the envisioned Citrix ByteMobile Mobile Analytics. What makes these findings exceptional is that people are choosing to go for the pregnancy applications when compared to other popular applications.

The point is that the findings that were carried out to substantiate those numbers indicated that there was physical evidence since the results weren’t based on questionnaires or random surveys but rather real activity disclosed from the traffic on mobile phone users worldwide.

Although you shouldn’t expect or hope for an overall metric on the mobile health application like on other applications, or services or even activities on the same timeline, within the mobile health of the report, most metrics are on subscribers that are already using various mobile health applications. In accordance to the conducted survey on ByteMobile, it was averaged that 39% of mobile users that were in fact using more than one application would continue to visit the application store for more subscription on health apps. The study further revealed that forty seven percent of the total subscribers that actually endorsed the use of one or more mobile health applications also used pregnancy related apps. The only problem associated with this principle is that not as much data is generated.

The connection between pregnancy apps and 3G-4G data services

In order to understand how ByteMobile works, the only thing the user needs to seek is the working procedure that 3G and 4G data services employ. Note that at every single time, ByteMobile tracks the actual usage although in most cases it could suggest that fitness apps generate more downloads when compared to pregnancy related apps. Those allegations are not as consistent as previously thought to be, this is because the research study that was able to process this report further acknowledged that the pregnancy apps have increased user base. Either way, it has also been pointed out that the fitness app user base strives to make on top by generating more data.

The popularity of mobile health apps

According to a statement released by ByteMobile, the popularity of mobile health apps that also seem to offer calorie counter information in addition to other related medical information such as sleep cycle and relaxation tools are making downloads of the pregnancy related apps to be more. In addition to more data, ByteMobile was able to confirm that fitness apps that were generated not only helped convey what mobile data traffic was all about, but also the benefits of the women’s health monitoring applications on the account of time at which  such data was generated. In fact, the evenings of 6.00pm and the mornings of 9.00am were very popular on the same.