Pill that controls HIV transmission

There is a pill that is used to control the HIV transmission from the mother to the baby might have small yet important results in the growth of the baby, according from a new research.  The researchers have discovered that in an investigation conducted of the HIV positive mom that 1 from so many pills prescribed to them may badly affect the growth of the child. This is regardless if they have the disease during the delivery, they can still catch it.

The pill known for the brand name atazanavir is now being used with a particular pill or with other pills as a part of the antiretroviral supplements used for the treatment of HIV in patients; however, it can also be used to lessen the spreading of the disease.  There was a study conducted in the past, it was held in the Harvard University. It just showed that the pill might have some effects on the growth of the baby, however the researchers have said that the risk has been low and they did not relay to the people some of the treatment plans possible.

What the AIDS journal has to say

For the new discovery that was published in the journal about AIDS, the researchers have asked 167 ladies who took atazanavir while they were pregnant and they have invited 750 ladies who didn’t took the pill during pregnancy. They have compared the effects of the pills according to the baseline of growth after the child’s first year of life.

For kids with moms that were given the pill as a part of the antiretroviral treatment, the language, social aspect of life, emotional status to name some are just some of the most essential things that are quite low among kids who were exposed to the pill while those with moms who never took the pill has been discovered to have lower development result in spite of the trimester they were exposed. Even if the socioemotional grade is the one affected in kids with moms then who used the pill during the 2nd trimester of pregnancy.

The effect of the pill to the development of the babies may not be widespread since according to the study conducted by researchers, there was only a part of their development that has been affected like the socioemotional aspect of their life. To this day, researchers are still in the process of learning a lot of things about the pill if it is just right to prescribe it to pregnant women with AIDS or not. They are still in the process of weighing the pros and the cons of the pill.