A country without companies offering health insuranceIn this scenario, try to determine the main purpose of health insurance companies even if they virtually don’t exist in your imaginative venture. The answer for many people would be that they are companies that take as much money as they possibly can from people who wish to purchase health insurance. They then pay very little money for products and services needed by the policy taker. They further add salt to injury by retaining a vast majority of the funds that will be used to facilitate fat pay-cheques for their executives and employees. The money is also used to raise the share value so that regular people can be unable to purchase them.

Moreover, they cunningly try to convince others who aren’t on their list to sign up. They lure those using low premiums. They then cover the risk of such low-cost clients by spreading the risk of some of the high-cost clients.

You then get a sigh of relieve noting that they don’t exist at all in your imaginary world and everything about health care is sound and normal. The phone rings or someone calls you thus bringing you back to a reality where health insurance companies exist and what you thought about them is believed not to be all true. Or is it?

Reasons for having a dislike for health insurance companies

Your world of imagination might have been a good one but one question you -failed to ask is the reason we have these companies in the first place. For starters, they employ a lot of people thus helping reduce unemployment. This is somehow small a reason seeing that there are other ways to employ people that don’t paying for insurance.

A lot of the health insurance companies have failed to endear themselves to the public simply because they have failed to keep costs and utilizations low. They have succeeded, at the cost of the policy holder, to fatten their wallets and improve shareholder’s returns.

They have evidently misplaced their main objective to offer helping a helping hand to the financially unable and instead squeezed the life out of their bank accounts. As if it’s not enough, they announce profits proudly which continue to increase as years go by.

The change that need to be done

In reality, the people don’t need health insurance companies. All they do need is health care insurance which can be offered to them by government institutions such as Medicare. There is need for some improvement on the system though what is currently on the table would suffice as opposed to what health insurance companies are offering us.

The intention to make huge amounts of profit that go into people’s pockets should be scraped. In its place, a profit system that allows growth of the services should be well implemented. It’s an option that we would all dare to dream and imagine as the perfect health care policy.