Currently, there are so many mHow to be a better doctor with an iPod touchedical apps, which are of great use to providers of healthcare services. However, only little has been talked about as to how these mobile medical applications could improve doctor/ patient experience while helping in optimization of your overall practice experience. There is a plethora of great applications that are designed to enhance physician patient relationship.

Clinics are exceptionally busy these days and patients are forced to wait for a prolonged time period for their turn. Understandably, most patients are forever complaining that this can be very frustrating and no doctor really likes to attend to a patient excessively late just because they had to deal with another patient who had some medical emergency. Medical applications have helped to ensure that this kind of downtime could be made much more productive and bearable. iPod touch has been of significant help in this area. It basically runs on the same OS as iPhone and these apps work well for the two devices. When the patient is waiting at the exam room or waiting room, they could be given this iPod touch with some pre- loaded apps as highlighted here below.

Blausen Human Atlas application

This application has so many uses than you can possibly imagine. Majorly, the app has been designed for helping healthcare providers to communicate medical procedures and conditions to patients in a way they can understand. This application features 3D video animation, a useful medical glossary and a huge library of important pictures. Any time a doctor uses the application with his patients, they are impressed and stunned by its striking visual interface. Videos are perhaps the highlights of this great app. They are made in a way in which they are pleasing aesthetically and perform an incredibly awesome job. They explain to the patient the many medical procedures and conditions in a terms that a lay man can understand. This way, they are well informed even before they go through a certain medical procedures. Some of the common conditions explained in the videos are such as diabetes, osteoarthritis and GERD.

Merck Manual Home edition app

Physicians have for ages used the professional edition of The Merck Manual. However, the new home edition app is a more shortened and condensed version and it is highly useful to patients. Most of the vital info contained in the professional edition is still available in this version as well but everything has been explained in an understandable, layman language. As patients wait for their doctors, they can use this app to try and understand their medical conditions. The special E- Mail out is perhaps the most interesting aspect of the application. When explaining a certain condition to the patient, it is easy to bring the same in the application and then email a link to your patient. The patient will directly land on the page on what you discussed about and they can use the legitimate source to get info about their diagnoses.