Conventional Versus Technological Medical ExaminationMany patients will agree with me that it is always very refreshing when you have a general physical examination done on you by your doctor. That will depend on the results that you get. Clean bills of health after the examination are the major cause of your relaxation. Other people may argue that a physical examination cannot be compared to the current technology that physicians are using, without the need to go through the physical procedures that are required to check just a slight condition.

Importance of Medical Equipment

Some doctors and mostly those who have been in the field of health care for a long time will always want to stick with the conventional way of examining their patients. Why use needles to check the level of hemoglobin in a patient’s body when you can simply flip up the conjunctiva and tell it by the look of its redness.

Skills in doing a physical exam requires the doctor to follow some set procedures and that is the reason why a number of people may prefer the physical examination to the advance technology means. There are the basic that will bring out perfect results, although they may differ from one physician to another. The basics are referred to as patient’s vitals, which are the important signs like the temperature, pulse, blood pressure and pulse.

Technology Saves Time

Operations in the world today are moving at a fast speed and no one has the time to wait for slow medical procedures, when there are options that have instant and accurate results. Apart from time saving, the advanced body examination methods will be needed. Take an example where the physical results show that there might be elements of cancer or diabetes, or atrial fibrillation that is done without any equipment. A patient will not be treated for an ailment just by way of assumption and that is why they have to be checked under advanced equipments like echocardiograms.

It is obvious that body check up by the use of advanced equipments will be costly, but that will save patients from dangers posed by physical examinations that will rule the opposite of what a serious condition might be. We may not rule out the ability of veteran physicians to unearth health conditions using their touch and see skills, because some of us who were there back in the days survived through such examinations. The difference today is that the procedures are more accurate and fast.

The physical body examination is being overshadowed by the advent of medical technology, but that will not phase it off completely. Some patients will also feel more attached to the physical examination, which gives them a sense of completeness in the procedure. The pale nails and conjunctiva will hence work to determine the health condition of a patient.