Breakfast and dinner recommendations by Dr. WeilsDr. Weil’s cabinet is quite crowded. Anyway after researching minerals, vitamins, mushroom and herbs preparation, at least you can expect this. For him, he doesn’t really require many bottles as he has prepared his all in one vitamin supplement.

Dr. Weil is known to take a daily regiment that consists of antioxidants and a multivitamin. But apart from this, he says that he also experiment a lot as it is well indicated by the large collection of bottles at his cabinet. While most people might perceive this to be easy, it is nevertheless a constant process which is full of trials and errors. He says that his body changes a lot and he has to read a lot of medical literature after which he adjusts what he has been taking accordingly. This is not just meant to better his health only but also gives him some ideas on what he needs to recommend to others.

For instance, he took a combination of alpha lipoic acid capsules and acetyl- L- carnitine as such a combination of compounds had previously been studied and experimented by a friend of his, from the University of California and seen to have an ability of improving cellular metabolism, which boosted energy in return. Dr. Weil claimed that this combination was stunningly effective and he soon found himself taking the commercially available mixture of these two components. In the long run, Dr. Weil opted to endorse this preparation that led to development of a supplement product referred to as the Weil Juvenon. He started Weil Foundation where he donates all the after tax profits he gets by selling Weil Juvenon. This nonprofit organization majorly deals in supporting integrative medicine via research, education and training.

Dr. Weil’s breakfast routine

During his experimentation, Dr. Weil took high quality extracts of green tea free from caffeine and regarded this as a convenient option of getting the many benefits that come from green tea that has no caffeine. Now for his breakfast, he takes the green tea with one tablet of multimineral/ multivitamin. This is taken with one capsule of antioxidant, 60 mg pill of CoEnzyme Q10 and Host Defense, which is a mixture of mushroom supplements that offers immune support. Still, his breakfast also features 250 mg pill of magnesium chelate, 500 mg capsules of fish oil and one tablet of Weil Juvenon.

Dr. Weil’s evening dinner routine

As for his dinner in the evening, he takes one tablet of multimineral or multivitamin, CoEnzyme Q 10, Vitamin D, baby aspirin, magnesium chelate, Host Defense, Weil Juvenon and Fish Oil. And above everything else, he makes sure that he eats well, which is of course the best tactic for nutritional health. Ultimately, the self experimentation routine practiced by Dr. Weil is the best path that everyone should follow, including lay people and doctor. People are different in various ways ranging from genetic make ups to sleep patterns and lifestyles as well as diets.