Recent pediatric policy aims to correct increased injuries linked to trampolines by providing statistics on possible previous injuries in the US.

Safety features put forth to ensure that possible trampoline injuries are reduced do not predominantly control the outcomes. Some home owners who install trampoline for their children to do some bungee jumping also install safety features such as netting enclosures and padding to help decrease risks of injuries according to Maine’s sports medicine pediatrician Michele LaBotz in Portland but the safety measures are not enough to curb dangers that associate with trampoline fun.

Although this news statement also suggests that there is insufficient data about safety measures and the increased numbers of trampoline installations, the research study conducted confirms that the equipment doesn’t seem to present an acceptable role as a structured athletic training program and if it fits in any of the key areas, then appropriate coaching and supervision should be endorsed to enhance the safety measures put in place.

Associated statements on backyard trampolines

Similar statements have followed up from Canadian Academy of Sports Medicine and American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, which reflect the dangers posed by trampolines in playgrounds and other areas all of which were citing issues with safety measures taken. It may sound ironical on the fact that the rise in sales and the increased injuries from trampolines have not relented over the past years, the study results showing the negative outcomes should be emphasized more to help create awareness on these dangers thus restrict more trampoline sales and installations in the future.

Back in 2009, the trampoline injuries associated with the purchase, installation and use of this fun presenting equipment were estimated at 98,000. This is the most recent year with available statistics and hospitalizations associated to those numbers were 3,100 with only an improved safety difference of 200 people from the previous published statistics in 2004 where the overall injuries at the time were recorded at 112,000.

Are trampolines really that dangerous?

Although singular people using the trampoline to jump up and down may not present a lot of dangers, it has been revealed that 75% of trampoline injuries occurred when multiple people took interest to bounce on the equipment instead. For this reason, kids aged between 5 years and under have been taken to hospitals frequently after incidents of trampoline jumping related injuries. LaBotz was quoted as saying that most people don’t actually realize the intrinsic risk or liability linked to a common recreational trampoline. This is why most home insurance policies are yet to be extended on such matters.

A good example was connected to the New York Yankees Pitcher Joba Chamberlain who had suffered a major ankle injury when having fun with his five year old son at a trampoline park back in March.