Pediatrician organization campaigns for the rightful measures that parents should take in avoiding the use of the possible pesticides near their home area. Children love playing their games in dangerous places. This leaves them at a high risk with the pesticides. Pesticides are everywhere and kids can get them from air, from the ground and from their food. Kids will eat and touch anything they come across their playground.

Pesticides and other harmful substances are poisonous in nature because in the first place, they are manufactured to kill pests. This is the reason why there are always a warning and instructions to the parent that the pesticide be kept away from kids and how to dispose the used container in a healthy way. If a child takes it, this could lead to serious problems. Pesticides are very dangerous and can result to an immediate death if quick first aid is not administered. Other causes that might occur include excessive vomiting breathing problems and seizures depending on the kind of a poison that the pesticide contained.

Measures to be taken in ensuring children’s security

Parents should embrace other safer ways to control pests apart of using pesticides. Several ways can be used to get rid of the pests and ensure that your kids are safe. One is getting rid of things that may be contributing the birth of these pests. Keep all garbage outside your house and if you have to keep it inside, make sure that their containers have tight lids, and the garbage does not have any water. Using fewer toxic pesticides is a smart move for the parent.

The pesticides used to eventually go to the soil that is used to farm crops. This means that even the foods that we eat carry a percentage of pesticides. A study carried out on small children showed the presence of pesticides in their urine. Thus, parents are asked to give their kids organic foods of which have low exposure to pesticides.

Can the parent manage and achieve these measures?

A parent should have the knowledge of the nature of the playground her children are in. They should follow the guidelines given on how to protect their families from pesticide exposure. Organizations should educate and create awareness among people on other possible methods for pest control. They should make them understand the importance of buying the real pesticides. Reading the labels when buying household pesticides to understand all steps to be used in application and the proper way to store and dispose the pesticide used cans is paramount.

If possible, buy a detector to detect all chemicals that might have pesticides. Take your children to the doctor for occasional tests to be on the safe side.