Lung cancer is one of the prime causes of death on patients with cancer and this is based on the data provided by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Some of the current statistics show that in 2010 more than one hundred fifty eight thousand people died because of lung cancer. On the other hand, there is this new experimental drug that may help in increasing the survival rates of the patients with the said ailment. There is this current study reported that the experimental drug, ramucirumab, was effective than the usual chemotherapy treatments and it improved the survival of the patients by few more months in patients with lung sarcoma.

The goodness of the new breakthrough to lung cancer patients

This is the very first cure after a decade to develop the result of patients in the 2nd line setting according to the author of the study who is Dr. Maurice Perol. He happens to be the head of the thoracic oncology at the Cancer Research Center of Lyon in France. The persistent improvement is very important, since the patients with the advanced non-small cell lung cancer usually have a short survival rate after the second line therapy.

Ramucirumab is a directed therapy treatment that eliminates cancer by stopping the formation of new blood vessels in tumors, thus divesting them of the enough nutrients and oxygen needed. In this study there are one thousand two hundred fifty three patients who are in their 4th stage of non-small cell lung cancer that has developed even if they are going through the standard chemotherapy treatment. All of the patients in the study conducted were cured with the chemotherapy medicine known as docetaxel. Some were even given to take the ramucircumab while the others are taking the placebo.

The researchers have found out that twenty three percent of the patients who incorporated ramucirumab to their chemotherapy treatment were happy with the shrinkage of their tumor when compared to those who took the placebo. In all the patients who used ramucirumab may experience a survival rate of about 10 ½ months compared to the 9 months of those who were given the placebo along with chemotherapy.

Get along with the drug with minimal to adverse effects

This research offers good news to patients because the research has found out that the side effecs of the drug to the patients were only minimal to no side effects at all. There was no recorded pulmonary hemorrhage or lung bleeding ever recorded with the drug which is the utmost risk of drugs to patients added Perol. The drug can truly help in improving the survival of the patients and it can help them with reoccurring cases this drug is very interesting due to the fact that it represents the effort to step afar from the common cytotoxic agents.

There … you have seen that lung cancer is a leading cause of cancer deaths. However, if detected early, the patient can live a high quality life. The caregivers need to have first aid certification so that they can administer it to their lung cancer patients should their condition deteriorate.