What people would do about flu vaccination?A recent reader poll asked people what they would do as far as flu vaccination is concerned. As a person without medical expertise, I was really shocked by the answers given by about 25 percent of poll respondents who I presumed to be healthcare professionals. Unbelievably, 24 percent didn’t hesitate to say that they world turn down vaccinations offered for both H1N1 flu and seasonal flu. The poll also showed that 16 percent intend only to get seasonal vaccine and just 2 percent opted to get only the H1N1 vaccination.

Immunization against influenza viruses

This survey wasn’t a scientific study and 58 percent of those respondents said they would opt to go for the two shots. However, what was surprising is that most of the respondents seemed to spurn the advice given by Medical establishment to be vaccinated fully? In New York State, for example, which is my state; all the healthcare agency workers are mandated to get immunization against the influenza viruses. This resulted in three lawsuits, union protests in the state capital and a temporary order restraining the implementation of the mandate has been issued by New York Supreme Court. The case aims at determining if or not New York has authority of forcing people to be vaccinated.

The regulation affects everyone employed or with an affiliation to a healthy care facility in New York, including general hospitals, some home health agencies, hospices and diagnostic and treatment medical centers, whether the person is paid or unpaid an includes employees, contract staff, members of medical staff, volunteers and students who contact the patients directly or engaging in activities where they can get influenza infection. The state holds the view that during the flu season, patient welfare in these healthcare facilities can be protected through medical staff immunity. People who feel that their civil rights are being violated have challenged it vigorously and others are worried about the side effects of the vaccine and its general safety as well as those who believe that their natural immune system is capable of taking care of the business.

How to deal with the vaccination dilemma

While I don’t usually go for a flu shot, if this directive targeted me, I would go for the short. However, this would be different if I was pregnant for example and I world weigh the benefits of vaccine against the risk of having the substance injected in my body, which could harm my unborn child. This risk should be measured against the chances of getting a serious full illness that normally result in death of pregnant women. As you can see, this situation puts the public in a serious manage. If you don’t give in and embrace the mandate, you might be out of job sooner than you know it. Regardless of what everyone thinks, the point is that getting these shots is a unique way in which a health professional gets to put the interests of the patients ahead of his or her own.