There is this woman in Minnesota that was given a high dose of measles vaccine while going through a clinical trial and when they have checked their blood sample, the cancer has gone completely after the vaccine. This is a new breakthrough and this trial only showed that the proof of concept theory is truly valid. That a particular overdose of IV virus-related treatment can really kill cancer instantly. At the Mayo clinic, there was this lady who chose to join the experiment and she is Stacy Erholtz who was out from the traditional treatment when she chose the experiment. When she was given the measles vaccine that can be used to immunize around ten million people, something great happened to her.

Her blood cancer went clear, which means she is in a complete remission. This means that her life changed completely from life threatening to undetectable in the eyes of her doctors. This is a milestone. However, it is a fact that a virus can be given to a patient through IV and can help in killing metastic tumor in rats alone and this has been known for such a long time. Nobody knew that this is possible to people in the past according to Dr. Stephen Russell, he is the lead researcher of the project.

How the overdosing works for people

The situation is a fact among scientists that viruses can truly kill cancer in animals. But how a virus can be bind to polyps and then use them as the host to copy their own genomic material is best explained by the Star Tribunee. It will make the cancer cells to erupt and then discharge the virus eventually. There are safe antivirals have been discovered to do just this. They are also able to bring emitting radiation particles to aid in destroying cancer cells devoid of producing more damages to some vigorous cells nearby the tumors.

The body’s immune system will be able to get rid of any residual cancer that brings the vaccine’s genetic imprint. There are 2 methods to vaccine cancer treatment. One is the inject the virus straight into the tumors to get past their defenses and the other one is to inject it into the bloodstream and then hope that it will seek out the tumors and overpower them. The last method was the one used in the trial for Erholtz.

A brighter future with effective medicinal approach

This overdose method has a future and will soon become the standard treatment for cancers in the next years to come. At present, even if Erholtz successfully went through the trial and is excited with the result, there must still be a study to confirm that the clinical trials given to her may be the best option. This will only happen after the 3rd stage of development was conducted. At present, there are trials that use vaccines in the treatment of cancer in the US like the NeuVax that plans to use the same method just to make preventive methods for patients that are at risk of breast cancer relapse.

Well, this is complicated, but it works. Very soon, it seems that the only thing we will have to worry about is first aid CPR training while the doctors handle the rest.