What Olympians eat to boost their athletic feats?A look at the diet of an Olympian

Watching the Olympics is always an exciting moment as everyone gets into the mood of cheering their favorite athletes. This action acts as a motivation for some people to finally work towards reaching their goals on personal fitness. Participating in your most favorite Olympic event can help you to burn unbelievably huge amount of calories. According to Michael Phelps, one of the world’s best swimmers, he consumes between 10, 000 and 12, 000 calories per day. This is pretty a far cry compared to the just 2000 calories that an average woman consumes in a day. While this might seem much, Phelps also burns unimaginably huge amount of calories in a day as well. This is why he is able to eat about three fried sandwich eggs, two coffer cups, a five egg omelet, a bowl of grits, 3 chip chocolate pancakes and three French toast slices just for his breakfast and will still manage to fit in his speed.

Types of sports you can participate in

But how much calories do these Olympians exactly burn? Having a vigorous swimming workout can enable you to burn more than 350 calories within half an hour. However, considering the size of Phelp, you can rest assured that he burns much more calories than this. Besides, it is also no doubt that he manages to spend over 30 minutes swimming in a pool. If swimming isn’t your thing, you really don’t have to worry as there many other sports that can help you burn impressive amounts of calories. Aquatic sports such as diving, rowing, canoe and water polo are all incredibly effective in helping you burn more calories than you can imagine. Olympic biking sports involving biking at different speeds can also enable you to burn an amazingly great amount of calories. Olympic outdoor sports ranging from archery, equestrian, beach volleyball, field hockey, shooting, tennis and soccer are also types of sports you can engage in order to burn more calories than usual.

If you want to achieve your personal fitness goals, there is a plethora of sports you can participate in order to achieve this. You can even be surprised to know that horse riding is enough to help you burn as much as 5.8 calories in a minute. However, just as you would expect, some sports like running are known to be notorious in burning more calories and are the best outdoor activities to engage in. The first you run, the more calories you burn. Calorie burn by some Olympic athletes can be determined by use of their recorded weight, height and activity they participate in. Tracking such vitals that are of significance to any Olympic caliber person is important in helping one realize set personal goals in weight loss and following a fitness regimen.