Reacting over stress is more likely to lead to obesity and thus children should try to take it easy from time to time.

Research on the Stressed children

According to the anticipated research results, children who are most likely at risk of becoming victims of obesity are similarly associated by their biological response on the account of stress. This information was put forth by Lori Francis who is an associate behavioral professor on health matters.

According to Francis, the ideal objective of children is not to fight stress but rather to see how they could manage using methodologies that would reduce it substantially. When at its pick, stress is a risk; it is a problem that should be averted before taking up the victim and turning him into something else. This is why Francis and colleagues decided to see what they could do to help parents find solutions towards their troubled children.

Whether you are a person who  doesn’t prefer to take time and wonder out more on what you could do  to avert stress, you should realize that the number of children in the US categorized in the list of obese people are not just victims out of the ordinary but rather because of such cases like stress. For this reason, the team used an examination procedure, which involved children reaction to stress and repercussions associated with it. during that time, the children were gathered together and asked to  deliver a speech as well as incorporate that with an arithmetic test and the team went ahead to  measure the response of those children with regards to  stressors. They further compared the cortisol content retrieved from their saliva right before and after the experiment respectively.

After that step, the researchers were yet to measure the honesty of the children with regards to hunger. The point is that there were those that admitted frankly that they were not hungry where as there were those that had to lie in order to sail on the same boat. By using snack foods as lunch, the team was able to provide minimal portions to the kids in addition to various types of toys. Further in the study, the children were also allowed to engage on chosen activities. Although the issuance of the cortisol release was able to show evidence that those aged between 8-11 years were able to exhibit greater cortisol, higher body mass was also an issue with regards to the consumed calories.

Getting the result of the assumption

Not only that, the cortisol was recorded to stay high when consumed in large numbers due to hunger. For this reason, Francis continues to argue that children with relatively poor response to stressors may already be on the risk of becoming obese sooner or later and hence the primary goal of the study as indicated was to help resolve cases of obesity.