Research on self help program to conquer weight problem in childrenThere aren’t too many parents who can afford to take their kids to clinics for weight loss therapy sessions. However, there is good news because a new study shows that there are simplistic steps that can be adopted to help fight the weight problem in children. These steps are as equally effective as the other well known programs adopted for weight control.


A research that was carried out by a Californian university indicated that programs of self help manned by clinicians assist obese kids to mange their weights in a much better manner.

According to Kerri Boutelle who took part in the research study, the clinic based at the university provides self help exercising manuals to parents together with their kids. In every week, they read at least a chapter of the manual and practice the weight loss tips contained in it. At the end of every week both the parents and their kids go back to the clinic for assessments and interviews on how they have faired with the exercise program. Such assessments and interviews only take twenty minutes. Kerri pointed out that this was a bit different from other programs of weight control where the children and their parents are assessed and interviewed on how their exercising is progressing for about one hour in a group session.

About Research statistics

The study was conducted on 50 kids of between 8 years and 12 years and who were overweight. The children were put together with their moms or dads on a program that was low intensity in nature, whose objective was to control the weight of the kids. The program was on for almost half a year, following which the researchers closely studied how the kids were progressing 180 days later.

The researchers had a big interest in knowing whether programs that are interventional in nature assist kids in weight management by themselves through improving their eating habits and doing physical exercises.

About the Research results

The results of the study revealed that the self help interventional program assisted the kids to reduce weight in about 150 days and also helped maintain such weigh loss for the next 180 days.

Kerri Boutelle added and said that the initial study results portrayed that a self help interventional program that is guided and monitored by highly trained professionals is quite effective in assisting children to lose excess weight, just like the old school programs for weight loss that are clinic based. He was quick to emphasize that this was a very important finding since it will greatly assist parents who would love to avoid complex weight loss programs for their dear kids.

The statements made by Kerri Boutelle as far as the above studies are concerned should be taken very seriously by parents who have obese kids. This is because Kerri is a well known professor in the field of medicine and is a specialized pediatrician. This means that his statements are based on highly efficient medical research which he has directed. He is also dedicated to use his medical skills to solve the weight problem that has plagued American kids.