A lot of people who suffer from pain, neglect the use of dosing instructions in an over the counter pain medicines and then they put themselves at risk for the overdose. This is in accordance with the new survey.  If someone suffers from a medical overdose, it may result in a serious adverse effect like stomach bleeding, liver damage, ulcers or even death. This is according to the Gastroenterological Associaton of America.  The AGA commissioned poll of around 1,000 American adults ages 30 and above. More than 251 gastroenterologists have discovered that 43% of those who suffers from severe pain said that they have taken more than the required dose of the OTC pain relievers at some point in their lives.

Patient takes OTC pain killers

Some typical kinds of OTC pain medicines are Tylenol, the NSAIDs like Advil, Naproxen as well as aspirin. Pain is truly a personal feeling, but if you take  more than the suggested dose of the OTC pain relievers, that may bring your stomach and even damage to your intestine. These are some of the complications of taking OTC more than the recommended amount says Dr. Cryer. The survey they have discovered that around 38% of the subjects didn’t realize that mixing 2 or more NSAIDs or even 2 acetaminophen pain killers can actually boost the danger of having serious health complications later on in life. A lot of gastroenterologists in the poll said that a lot of their patients who suffers from severe pain use OTC pain killers at a higher dose and then they use them more than the recommended number of days. The patients usually cannot link the connections between the pain killers and the signs of overdose according to the doctors.

Patient suffer in chronic pain

But 66% of those who suffers from severe pain had been afflicted with pain for more than 2 years or even more and yet only 12% of them had been detected with chronic pain according to the survey conducted. Those with chronic pain must never try to treat themselves using OTC medicines according to a new study.  If you suffer from severe pain, go to our doctor and discuss your sufferings. You must also tell your doctor about the medicines you tried to take, read and then follow the required doses of the medicines. You must only take 1 kind of pain medicine at a time, this is in accordance with the advised given by researchers in a study conducted.

No one is exempted from chronic pain; it may hit anyone, regardless of the age and gender.  There are 2 kinds of pain, the acute and the chronic. The acute pain will enable your body to know that there is something unusual, but this will not last long, chronic pain on the other hand might last for months or years. It may hinder you from functioning normally. Because the pain is lingering, you may also suffer from low self-esteem, mood swings, anger and even depression.