Where to get info about new psoriasis medicationsIf you are one of the psoriasis patients out there, chances are that you are keen at following recent news about psoriasis happenings and treatments in order to stay updated. Thanks to social media advancement in recent times, doing this is much easier than ever before. Google Alerts is one of the best tools to use for this purpose that will send you many blogs and news articles about psoriasis and other related search terms. You can also easily find new information and articles being posted on the Internet through Twitter.

Apremilast- the trending treatment for psoriasis

More often than not, most of this news is majorly about new psoriasis treatments being developed. Many medical websites, financial services sites and news organizations like Reuters are always at the forefront in broadcasting the latest happenings in the world of psoriasis. One of the new items talked about this week was mainly focused about a biopharmaceutical company that had introduced a new psoriasis drug. Celgene Company hit headlines with their new drug called apremilast which was of course good news to people suffering with this condition.

There is yet another source that you could be interested in where psoriasis medications being developed are listed. This is NPF- National Psoriasis Foundation, which is very resourceful when it comes to this. Just visit their web page named Drugs in Development. By linking to the page, you will realize that the first medication listed under the ‘Oral treatments in pipeline’ is premilast by Celgene. The website says that questions about the safety and effectiveness of the drug when used by big groups of people are answered at Phase III. This report has very solid results and it is highly expected that the drug is going to pass regulatory approval by the time the year comes to an end.

The financial aspect of psoriasis medications

Something else that can’t be assumed about these medications in development is the financial aspect associated with the medications. Just as you would expect, most of the companies involved in development of psoriasis medications or other drugs are in the business to make money and not help patients. In fact, you will find many articles on apremilast reviews where both the good and bad news of this drug are highlighted. If the bottom line which most investors are concerned about is of no interest to you, just look for some glean information from financial articles. You will see that the results contained in phase III of the study are less promising compared to Phase II results. Nevertheless, it is widely believed that the drug will get regulatory approval for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

By just searching on the Internet, you will be able to find the various treatments in development, their safety and efficacy as well as their financial impacts on companies that manufacture the drugs. Whether you decide to use a drug in its clinical trial or once approved this is one of the decisions that you must consider critically and discuss widely with your doctors.