Why disable kids are being maltreated?

According to a report conducted by Reuters, whenever a kid’s security service gets a report about child abandonment knowing that the child has a disability, though the report is still unconfirmed, that child will be more likely to suffer from maltreatment later on in life, this is according to the new research conducted. Kids with disabilities are said to be child protective services or CPS than those who are normal according to a research. They have discovered that the high risk unit of kids with disabilities suffers from maltreatment later on in life than other normal kids. This is according to the author of the Pedia department of a hospital in Boston.

This is a high risk populace that can be known in a straightforward manner, so that they can give an added sustenance, she added. The researchers have checked the records from the National Child Abuse system in more than 400,000 kids from thirty three states like Puerto Rico or the District of Columbia who had first time unconfirmed referrals about abandonment in 2008. Though, the mass majority of the kids on record are not disabled, around 12,600 of which have disabilities and that includes those with autism, blindness, disabilities in learning and deafness.

The result of the reports

According to the study, by the year 2012, 45% of the kids with disabilities were referred to the CPS; this is when compared to 36% of the kids that are normal. 16% of which had suffered maltreatment, while 7% of which was taken to a home care for fostering. Abandonment or maltreatment along with foster care was very common among kids with disabilities. There may be more reports indicating that maltreatment among kids with disabilities, this is due to the fact that they interact more with caregivers and specialists who were asked to take note of the report, but in some instances, this may be a prone populace according to the author.

In a particular issue, the kids with disabilities are at a higher risk for being maltreated and abandoned and they were at a higher risk of being known as abused.  They need to be cautious about these because most often these kids are weak and they need an additional care. There are some states that are now taking the CPS investigations and they focused on what the families need, more than seeking for someone who must be at fault. This may be a better concept and approach, according to the expert.  There are lots of parents with kids who have disabilities, but they did a good job in taking care of them and their special needs.

The kids usually had different disability problems and that includes behavioral, learning problems, physical problems and other issues that might be hard to tell which kinds of disabilities, which were the biggest risk issues according to a health practitioner. With limited funds, it might be a high yield populace, she insisted. Most of the reports to the CPS are because of abandonment and they are unconfirmed, that means that they is no enough legal proof to ever prove that maltreatment among the kids is being practiced.