Families Together With Their Premie Babies

Having a bay is a lot of fun for the mother, her friends and the entire family. However, when a baby is born prematurely, then that could pose a nightmare, especially when the local hospital does not have a neonatal intensive care unit. For example, consider when a mom has a premie baby in Kerrville area, with the long distance between the area and Gillespie County, Austin or San Antonio where you find the neonatal intensive care units. The journey can be quite harrowing.

What worries families most when they have a premature baby

Peterson Regional Medical Center has a full equipped baby delivery centre with basic life support certification, but they do not have a neonatal intensive care unit. Thus, they have devised the working hours of their members of staff such that there is always someone present who can engage the family to reach a decision to have a premie baby transferred to a facility that has neonatal intensive care unit.

Among some of the things that arise when a premature baby is born is to find out how much the family the baby is born into knows about neonatal intensive care unit. Another thing is to find the contacts of the nearest facilities that have NICU and find out whether they have a pediatrician on call. Basically, the preliminaries include finding out how the baby will be admitted to the NICU as soon as possible.

For a family of premature baby in Kerrville, the nearest NICU facilities are in the South West General Hospital, Children’s Hospital (San Antonio), Methodist Children’s Hospital, University Health System and Baptist Health System. That is not all though because in 2010, a foundation was established to help families find all the information they need to know about premature babies. This foundation was formed by Wayne Keller. The very first step for many families having a premature baby is to find information. However, Keller says that most people wait to get to the hospital and then the nurses ask for the information on their behalf. One of the organizations where families can ask for social services and other assistance are like Caiden’s Hope Foundation.

What motivated the founding of Caiden’s Home

How did Caiden’s Hope come to be founded? Well, when Keller’s high school friend’s grandchild had a baby, it was born two months earlier warranting for neonatal intensive care unit transfer. Having his own children, he joined hands with his wife and they decided to help. This is how Caiden’s Home was born, to offer short term help to people who have premature babies before they can get help. Usually, Caiden’s provides help for only a week or less, may offer gas cards to help families drive to and from a NICU facility, cards for hotel rooms near the NICU facility and so on. They offer such assistance to help families stay close to their baby.

Caiden’s Hope offers hope. It partners with bigger charities, hospitals, social organizations and other departments to help NICU families with things like accommodation, travel allowances and so on, anything to keep families close to their premature baby.

With a national ambassador called Mary Sarah (a singer), PayPal donation button on their website and many other ways to donate, Caiden’s Home offers people an opportunity to partner with them and help keep NICU families together with their babies. This is driven by the belief that babies should experience parental love every minute of their life.