The minorities are more vulnerable to weight gain during their childhood than whites and this increases the risk of them being obese adults or overweight. According to the findings of the study, American Indians, blacks and Hispanics showed a high likelihood of surpassing the normal weight when they are 18 years than the whites are as found in the new study. These findings are highly likely to reflect the rather complex relationships that exist between culture, physiology, genetics, the environment and socioeconomic status.

Obesity causes numerous chronic diseases

She stressed on the fact that after a person has been classified as being obese or overweight, re-attaining normal body weight becomes rather difficult for such persons. But considering that there is a great connection between excess weight and numerous chronic diseases, this is yet another good example illustrating the importance of prevention than cure. According to Avery, they will be presenting their findings at a meeting of the American Heart Association that will be held in Baltimore this Thursday. This research tabled at such medical meetings should be regarded as being preliminary until a peer reviewed medical journal is published.  

When conducting the study, the team essentially combined three sets of data that involved over 31000 adults. The categories of weight were defined based on BMI- body mass index which height is given as a ratio to weight. A normal BMI is one that is less than 25 and when the BMI is above 30, this is regarded to be obese and any BMI that is between this is regarded to be overweight. The surrounding of a person is highly likely to cause weight gain over a period of time as one expert noted.

Risk of being obese

Obesogenic environment is a factor that is known to add to the risk of obesity. This essentially refers to an environment which makes it easier for a person to gain weight rather than remaining of normal weight in their daily life even when it comes to doing things being done by the normal person. People who live in households that are poorer face a greater risk of being able to over the challenge presented by this environment. The relatively lower socioeconomic groups are known to struggle a lot when it comes to paying their mortgage and are surrounded by establishments that sell fast foods and when you will hungry, you result in buying satiating foods with the cheapest cost.

Eating healthy is very expensive and eating junk foods is a lot much cheaper. In addition to this, there is still cultural and genetic reason as to why these minority groups tend to gain a lot of weight even though most experts agree of the fact that genetics tend to play a much less factor.