A Small Country Can Be an Example to the World LeaderWhen we look at the state of quality health provision in Mexico and compare it to the United States’ medical care, there is a wide gap in how the two countries handle their services. One would expect United States to have an upper hand in this and any other field over other smaller countries. In this case, however, the US has a lot to learn from an underdog country like Mexico.

Cover For All Citizens

In the United States, there is a huge gap between what citizens are supposed to get from a medical cover, and what they receive in reality. This applies to the ordinary citizens who do not have the financial ability to buy their private medical covers whose bills will not depend on the government to be cleared. It is amazing how a world leader cannot settle on simple plans and procedures to offer primary health care to its citizens. The United States government acts as if it does not know the difference between good and necessary healthcare. Statistics show that on the month of June there were 13,000 diagnoses, 4,000 different types of surgeries and 6,000 prescriptions. Leaving this amount of work to dispensaries and clinics that are not funded by the government will obviously strain them hence the provision of unequal health services.

Government officials should visit the ordinary neighborhoods to see the reality, because that is the only way, they can understand the plight of the low earning citizen when it comes to the acquisition of quality healthcare.

It’s Not About Technology

Many citizens who visit the clinics and dispensaries will not want know the technology that will be used to examine them. The most important thing is for the physicians to understand their needs and handle their cases professionally. All patients will concur with me that what is of importance is the building of trust where when they have to go for checkups the physician will be set with the basic requirements. But how can this be possible in the USA when legislators are not willing to create the right channels and enable the ordinary person get quality healthcare?

Mexico is not as rich as United States is but it has the ability to give the middle class citizens perfect healthcare. The numerous clinics in different locations in the country serve all workers who wake up every morning to take part in the building of the economy. Doctors and other health officers are motivated to serve every patient diligently, unlike in the US where doctors have time for only the financially able citizens. Specialists of healthcare in Mexico are organized in a hierarchy, making it possible to handle cases in an organized manner, and hence every case is given its specific attention.

The United States of America can benefit a lot if only they can emulate the healthcare system used in Mexico.