Top healthcare applications and games to look out for Recent years have seen an increase in development of medical apps that are extremely useful to providers of health care. However, little is known of how various mobile medical apps can enhance doctor- patient experience. But as you shall soon find out, there are various apps that can be used to optimize the overall experience of your practice. A clinic can get seriously busy and this mostly results in patients having to wait for long. Most patients have complained that such waiting is very frustrating and doctors usually have a hard time trying to treat angry patients. However, such downtime can be made more productive and bearable thanks to an iPod Touch. IPod touch runs on the same OS s iPhone and applications highlighted below work well for the two devices.

Merck Manual app

The professional edition of Merck Manual has been used for ages by physicians. However, the home edition of this app is more shortened and condensed version meant for patients. This application comes with as much important info as contained in the professional edition. However, layman’s language is used for getting info across. This medical reference is worded like Wikipedia and is authored by top physicians. As patients are waiting in the exam room or waiting room, they can use this app to read comorbidities or know about the conditions they are suffering from. The E-mail out feature present in this app makes it a great app for use by patients and provides info from legitimate sources.

Lose it health care app

When it comes to the category of free healthcare applications, lose it is the most downloaded app. it is a fantastic app and most physicians have used it in various occasions, especially when counseling patients on weight loss and diet. With this app, users can be able to count their calories effectively and track their weight. The database of various foods contained in the app is something that can’t be taken for granted. Patients can know the amount of calories they incur in a typical day by analyzing their diet. The app allows users to set their goals with a target date for weight loss. Motivated patients have a lot to benefit from by using this app for weight loss.

Games for entertainment and fun

Most of the top selling applications at App store are games. While the apps highlighted above can be used to make patient waiting time more productive and keep them busy, some interesting games can also make the waiting more fun. Fortunately, there is a plenty of them to select from and the best thing is that most of them are available absolutely free of charge. Older population can be entertained by games apps but are more useful when used to deal with the pediatric patients. All in all, they help in enhancing the healthcare experience of the patients.