The announcement of these innovations which took place a month ago from the time this article was published at the Cleveland clinic, which was by then celebrating its tenth annual medical innovation summit, was in a tight horse race between 150 more nominations. More than 110 experts were brought into the picture to provide information on possible winners.

Concept of innovations

The concept of those innovations was sidelined to improved medical support as well as admirable commercial success. In the list of the top ten innovations, the common reader and medical enthusiast concerned about technology in the medical arena will be able to weigh the possibilities and determine just where the healthcare industry could be headed in a few years. For many years now, medical intervention had been challenged by several incidents of population management, which in this list, will have been handled amicably.

The improvement of inventive techniques

The year 2012 saw various experts and medical practitioners showcase their inventive techniques to make the world a better place.

Bariatric surgery for diabetes control was in the first position and its benefits are to handle cases of type 2 diabetes victims. The procedure is surgical and those categorized as potential candidates are most likely to get rid of the condition once and for all.

Neuromodulation therapy for cluster and migraine headaches was in the second position. Its main purpose is to aid in fast headache relief without having to take medications.

Mass spectrometry for bacterial identification is in the third position. The use of this system is to identify bacteria in minutes thus prompting doctors to act fast in curbing the situation at hand.

Novel medications for advanced prostate cancer, was in the fourth position. At least several drugs have been approved in treating prostate cancer and their work is to block the abnormalities associated with cell growth.

Handheld optical scan for melanon was at position five. This new FDA approved medical device is the solution to patients of skin cancer, by maximizing on imaging technology; the device is able to provide admirable results.

Femtosecond laser cataract surgery is the sixth position innovation. Its main purpose is to help correct visually impaired people without causing damage by making surgery precise.

Ex-Vivo lung perfusion system is in the seventh position and its work is to promote admirable lung transplanted and has since been approved in Europe and Canada.

Modular devices for treating complex  aneurysms is in the eighth position and helps surgeons treat patients of complex aneurysms with no difficulties.

Breast tomosynthesis is in the ninth position and as an imaging technology, its purpose is to improve the accuracy of spotting and treatment of breast cancer.

Medicare better health rewards act is in the tenth position hence when the proper body mass index and diabetes indicators are brought into the picture, the results of reliable results are just underway for healthier seniors.