The nutritional value you can’t ignore in fishMarine food contains Omega-3 fatty acids. These acids can be used to protect cardiovascular diseases. However, no human would accept to be used as a specimen in the laboratories and end up dead. Proving to man has always been a challenge for the scientists, as they are forced to use animals and rodents for the tests.

Clinical research has now  joined hands with the medical researchers to prove that actually omega-3 fatty acids do lower the risks of heart diseases. This is a disease that is common in ageing people who are around 65 and above. The reason behind them co-working with the researchers is because of a lot of blood tests [using human blood].

Omega-3 has 3 constituents which were all tested on different types of patients. The total number of people used in this research was 2,692 and the people who picked them were not biased. After a decade and four years down the line, a number of them were detected healthy gain and had no previous problems related to the heart. Many of them who were under medication due to the omega-3 deficiency in the body, never again used them.

Not all people get to read the newspaper due to a number of reasons. This finding was also posted on the internet for many people to get the information.

Out of the 2,692 people; the numbers of deaths recorded were 1,625. When this was realized, the clinical researchers decided to try out something new. The three types of omega were combined and made into one drug. This drug proved to be more powerful than the individual drug and worked more efficient than the individual drugs. The patients recovered faster and death rates declined.

Why use the endorsement?

After the intense research, the findings gave off better and encouraging results. The patients who were suffering from high risks of heart diseases recovered very fast, compared to those lower than 5. Arrhythmia and coronary heart disease also reduced by a great percentage.

Research done showed that body paralysis [stroke] also did reduce. The people who used the omega-3 lived 2 and a half more years compared to those who avoided the drug.

During the publishing of the article, Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian who also is a great medical researcher of Harvard University said that… for one to gain the omega values maximally, they had to go an extra mile. He meant that one had to consume 3.5 ounces of salmon, 5 ounces of herring or 15 to 18 ounces of codfish or catfish weekly. This amounted to the similar amount of 400 milligram of omega supplements per day.


Can it cure other diseases?

Everything has its own positives and negatives. Omega-3 has a number of positives. They include; control blood pressure, lower triglyceride production and also reduce the heart rate if it begins functioning abnormally. These are the leading causes of death and omega-3 does reduce them.

Another researcher at Harvard University, Dr. J. Mukamal gave a thumb up to the research done. He affirmed that Omega-3 actually does prevent uninvited rather unexpected cardiac related deaths.

Dr. Mozaffarian said that the feedback given by researchers concerning Omega-3was quite vital and worth many people knowing.

Most of us believe that heart disease and arrhythmias are related to the way we lead our lives. It may be true but it is goo to know that these diseases are a hit and attach ones. They don’t just change when we change our lifestyles or how healthy we live.

There is so much that researchers are still trying to reveal that is still on the way for the world to know.

Concerns about preference to fish rather than Omega-3 supplements were considered. It is true that the fish eating is quite beneficial. This is a confirm idea by Dr. Mozaffarian n. However some of the recent uses have not produced good results.

Dr. Mozaffarian had something good for the readers… If you can’t find fish passing through your gullet, choose the supplements and if you get allergic to the supplements, try nothing. This will do you neither harm nor anything good. The choice is yours.