Though there is no treatment for Marfan syndrome, the treatment mainly focuses in providing preventive measures to the complications of the said disease.  In the past, people who had Marfan syndrome seldom lived over 40. Just with proper care, close monitoring and fresh treatments, people with Marfan will be able to live longer and normal too.

Medicines meant for Marfan syndrome

The doctors usually prescribe hypertension lowering medicines to help patients prevent aorta from becoming big and to also lessen the danger of dissection and rupture. The most common type of drugs used for it is a beta blocker. These can make the heart beat slowly and with lesser force as well. There are drugs like losartan or Cozaar that promises to show positive effect.

The therapy that may be conducted

There is a dislocated lens in the eye that can be treated effectively with glasses or contact lenses that bend around through the lens. There is a surgery that can change the lens and it can also be an option as well.

How surgery and other procedures can help?

The procedures that will be done depend on the signs that you may experience.

  1. Aorta repair is when the diameter of the aorta enlarges right away or reaches its risky size. It may be around 2 inches and the doctor might recommend altering a part of the aorta with a tube that is made up of synthetic material to help in preventing rupture that may threaten your life. It is the aortic valve that may be changed too.
  2. Scoliosis treatment may be visible in kids, teens and adults too. But for kids and teens, the doctors may ask you to wear a custom made brace for your back. This must be worn all the time until such time that the growth has been completed. If the curve at the spine of the child is too obvious, the doctor might suggest that the child go through an operation to straighten the spine.
  3. Breastbone corrections may occur if a sunken breastbone affects the breathing of the child. A surgery may be suggested to repair the deformed part, this may be an option and there is nothing to worry about, because insurance may cover it. If there is a visible breastbone, though it doesn’t bring functionality problems, it might be a prime concern when it comes to the look of a person. The insurance might not cover it if the correction is meant for cosmetic needs.
  4. Eye surgery may occur if a part of the retina is worn out or if it was torn. This may happen if it comes loose at the back of the eye. A surgical repair may help you and it can also be successful along the way. If cataract is a problem, the clouded lens may also be changed with an artificial lens.