Recommended food sources for vitamin CThe conclusion of this study was aimed at proposing a protocol that would lay ground for further study that ensures a randomized double blind approach was taken for this new science based evidence. The proposal of this study was first recorded on March 2013 by PubMed, ‘Does a deficiency of vitamin C increase progression of vascular diseases associated with lifestyle. The evidence of this study was based on clinical and experimental studies. For more than a half century now, many holistic and orthomolecular health practitioners have worked this already. However, orthomolecular or mega dose nutritional supplementation has been found to be a bastard in mainstream medicine. Despite most of these practitioners being certified MDs; it continues to be ignored greatly.

Successful ascorbic acid treatments

Most of the researches taken previously for therapeutic vitamin C purposes have been done with ascorbic acid. More than ever now, vitamin C has been vilified as one of the synthetic toxins. We will list some of the best food sources of vitamin C later in this article. But currently, you should consider that and The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, which are well known Vitamin C Foundation, disagree firmly with this. Ideally speaking their reason for disagreement isn’t speculative or theoretical. Thousands of cures for diseases like cancer and polio have been based on mega- dose ascorbic acid. As such, there exists a rich history of ascorbic acid treatments that have been very successful in curing even the incurable diseases but the medical mafia has been ignoring all of them.

The introduction of oral liposomal vitamin C or mega- dose IV vitamin C came as a great blessing to a large number of comatose patients who were dramatically saved from the death’s door. Pharmaceutical grade ascorbic acid was used on them and it was very successful. Pharmaceutical grade ascorbic acid can be purchased on the web as vitamin C Foundation and compared to those corn based stuff that come from China, it is a bit pricier. The fact that it isn’t cheap also means that it is rarely used in many supplements containing vitamin C.

Obtaining vitamin C from food sources

While most other mammals do create vitamin C in their body, humans unfortunately don’t. As such, people must take vitamin C consistently as a way of avoiding deficiency. Experts in this area recommend people to get their vitamin C from many sources of food. In the morning, make sure that you take unsweetened lemon or lime water and then take citrus fruits and make a point of including pulp as well as some of those white stuffs that are found under the skin of the fruit. Take potatoes and make sure that you eat the skin. Eat any kind of berries, fresh and organic, tomatoes, raw spinach in salad and all types of melons