Skim milk does not necessarily reduce obesityAbout the Skim milk

A recent study analyzed the weight preschoolers and the type of milk they drink and it turned out that most of the heavier kids drank skim milk and 1 percent milk.

Research study of Skim milk

Children who continually drink whole milk and 2 percent normal milk are less likely to be obese of overweight.

Those who came up with this finding recommend that drinking skim milk does not combat obesity as most people assume. They also recommend that less time should be spent in front of the television and children should reduce intake of some sugary and foods drinks and eat vegetables in large quantities as a measure to curb the rising rate of weight gain among the young ones.

Rebecca J. Scharf, from Division of Departmental Pediatrics at The University of Virginia School of Medicine, led a study group to see if a child’s weight can be determined by the type of milk of they consumed.

They gathered information on the Body Mass Index {BMI} children and the types of milk 10,700 US children drank between ages 2 and 4.

87 percent of 2 year old children were drinking 2 percent milk and whole milk. The number dropped to 79 percent when data for 4 year olds was collected. At just above 30 percent, both ages were obese or overweight.

The research showed that children drinking larger percentage of whole milk had low BMIs compared to those who took skim milk in larger quantities. 14 percent of the overweight recorded in 2 year olds drank skim or 1 percent milk compared to 9 percent of the normal weight 2 year olds.16 percent of overweight recorded in 4 year olds drank skim milk and 1 percent milk while 13 percent of the normal weight kids did.

This finding was the same across all races and socioeconomic groups that took part in the study. When researchers adjusted their findings to allow different variables among the kids, they found out that the more the fat content in the milk consumed by a child the lower the BMI of the child.

They concluded that drinking skim milk is common and preferred among overweight preschoolers, yet the milk with low fat does not slow down weight gain at all. The researchers also made an observation that milk with high fat gives the child the illusion of fullness which in turn prevents them from eating more calories e.g. snacks.

Another research states that 1 in 5 American 4 year olds are obese. That is why parents are encouraged to make their kids eat healthy, avoid sitting down all day because obesity itself results to other cardiovascular diseases.