Any weight gain problem only worsens as you age out but is weight loss safe for people over 65 years of age? What are the health risk factors as they try to engage in crude diets or weight loss exercises?

Obesity cases in the US continue to increase every single day, however, what issues are associated with weight loss problems among seniors and preferably people over the ages of 65 years? It is recommended that such people seek supervision from medical experts before they approach any program to help them lose weight simply because their bodies aren’t strong enough to withstand the intensive exercises that their bodies need.

According to a recently published study, it has been evaluated that supervised weight loss routine program can present positive results for older people especially obese women. The conducted research was targeted to compare middle aged women and older women respectively with regards to maintaining the same amount of weight loss while at the same time they reap out all the associated benefits of low blood pressure.

The routine included diet monitoring on women, the exercises they conduct as well as normal health in general. The results indicated that those women categorized as old produced evidence that they were under high risk for injuries when compared to the middle aged women that had also participated in the research project.

Why you need to talk to your doctor on the grounds of safe weight loss procedures

From the department of Clinical and Health Psychology at the University of Florida, Lauren M. Rossen, PHD led an investigation with competent colleagues to substantiate this course. Women aged between 60-79 years are becoming victims of obesity in the US and the percentage has recently been leveled at 42. As people continue to age, they need less body fat as their bodies are not active enough to be able to burn calories. Though the diets they take could help them keep their weights at minimal rates, it can be quite challenging to follow on those diets hence sometimes exercising a few times a week can help them improve the overall health.

About the research study and results

About 162 obese affected women participated in the project. Those women were aged between 65-79 years. The routine procedure involved was aimed to monitor each participant’s heart rate, blood pressure and overall weight loss and after six months, good numbers of those women had lost up to 21 pounds.

While the objective was to determine how monitored weight loss programs would fair, the older people presented positive results by showing better improvements in blood pressure when compared to the younger women who had participated in the same project. All in all, the authors have recommended that more research is needed to help substantiate safer ways for older women to exercise.