The research about food additives and health

The Israeli along with some German researchers keep the industrialized food additives that might boost the possibility of developing autoimmune diseases, there is a finding that comes after the announcement of the WHO that eating too much amount of processed foods can raise the possibility of developing cancer.  The analysis was led by a professor of the Carmel Medical Center and the Kipp Institute in Germany. They currently published some autoimmune reviews.  The scientists are still arguing about the power of the processed foods to weaken the intestine until it does not have any capacity to fight for bacteria and other elements.

This can make the development of the autoimmune diseases easier, since the immune system of the body attacks the cells, the organs or the tissues like they were foreign bodies. The researchers have checked the results of the processed foods in the intestines and in the development of the autoimmune diseases, more than a hundred have been known to have type 1 diabetes, lupus, celiac disease, Crohn’s and hepatitis. In the previous years, there has been a decrease in the case of infectious ailments; however, at there has been a boost in the case of allergic ailments, autoimmune diseases along with cancer. Starting with the weight of the genetic alterations, it is important for a short span of time, the scientific community alters the important matters in just a short span of time, and the scientific community is discovering the causes of the environmental level.

The seriousness of autoimmune diseases

The experts said that the study was based on an in-vitro laboratory studies and it is not linked, however, to an epidemiological study on people. Some of the food additives like sodium or glucose are somehow natural, while some of them are truly artificial and commercially formulated. They know for a fact that eating a lot of processed foods is not good for the body and it is highly discouraged by health workers. The Grotto was responding to the study and they recommend the patients with a family history of autoimmune diseases to consider preventing consuming a lot of processed foods.

In the study, the researchers spent so much time on the rise in the use of the food additives for industrial use and the goal of improving the quality, the smell, the tastes and the life of the food. All of these are related to the use of processed foods and the rise in the case of autoimmune ailments. Most of the autoimmune diseases are because of the harm to the functioning of the tight junctions that secures the mucosa of the intestine, according to researchers.  If the normal functions of the tight junctions suffer from an interfere it will not be able to work at its best and it cannot protect the body against allergens, carcinogens, toxins and bacteria and that may lead to the damage which is called the leaky gut that will eventually lead to autoimmune diseases