Ovarian cancer treatment by stageOther factors that must be considered when a treatment for ovarian cancer is being chosen besides the stage and grade of the cancer include your age, health and your quality of life. There are numerous research studies being conducted in efforts of finding the best treatment for ovarian cancer. The researchers aim at finding treatments that can boost survival rates while still ensuring that the quality of life of the patient is not affected.

Diagnosis helps the doctor confirm that you are indeed suffering from ovarian cancer and determines the extent of its spread. This is done by taking of biopsies during the laparotomy surgery. For some women, laparoscopic surgery could be a choice and you will need to discuss this with your doctor.

Surgery procedure when ovarian cancer is in early stage

When the ovarian cancer is in its early stage, surgery will be done by your doctor to determine the stage and also the grade of your cancer. Also, you should know that surgery is usually the first treatment available for cancer. When it comes to surgical staging, this implies having a look at the various tissues or organs in the abdomen to ascertain whether they are affected by cancerous cells or not. In such a case, surgery might include:

  • A hysterectomy- This surgical procedure involves the removal of uterus accompanied by the salpingo- oophorectorm that removes the fallopian tubes and your ovaries.
  • A sample of your peritoneal washings or peritoneal fluid will also be taken by the doctor from your abdominal cavity in order to check for cancer cells.
  • Removal and checking of the aortic lymph nodes and the pelvic nodes to ascertain whether your cancer has spread or not.
  • Biopsies might be done to check if the abdominal tissues and organs have cancerous cells.
  • Removal and checking of the fatty tissue attached to the large intestine and the stomach to ascertain the spread of the cancer.
  • An appendectomy might be done to remove the appendix.

The survival rate is high for women whose ovarian cancer is at its earliest stages when surgery treatment is availed.


Surgical treatment for ovarian cancer in advanced stage

When the ovarian cancer is in its advanced stage, surgery can be undertaken to remove as much cancer as possible and this is referred to as cytoreduction or debulking. The omentum or uterus and other areas where the cancer is visible will be removed as well. Such might even include surgery on urinary system, the intestines or spleen and the diaphragm might even be scrapped off to eradicate the cancer. Long term outcome of the treatment or prognosis is always better if there is no cancer cells remaining or no residual tumor is available.