CPR skills used by two boy’s to save life of a babyIt’s amazing how two young male kids from Georgia were able to rise to the occasion during a tense moment and save the life of a child. By doing this, the two boys proved that you don’t have to acquire degree in medicine in order to administer CPR. They will forever be accredited with saving the life of the 12 week old baby. They were at the incident and talked the mother of the child through the process of infant CPR.

Hart and Wilson come to the rescue

It’s reported in the NY daily News that the mother of the child, Susanna Rohm, noticed that her child had gone limp while trying to play with him. She quickly panicked when she noticed that 12 week old Isaiah was not only non responsive but was also not breathing. Her frantic attempts to call for helped saw her misplace the cell phone as she accidentally kicked it under the couch while retrieving it.

The two boys heard her screams as she came out of the house to call for help. Ethan Wilson and Rocky Hurt aged 10 and 9 respectively came to her aid. They recalled finding the mother pouring water on the baby’s face as an attempt to revive him. Both kids took control of the situation by advising the mother on what to do. Rohm was advised by Hart to start by performing CPR on the baby’s chest 5 – 10 times using two of her fingers. She was then asked to tilt the child’s head, close the nose and breathe into his mouth. Ethan was on the other hand rushing to the nearest phone to call for the paramedics. He even waited outside to flag the ambulance when it came by.

Baby Isaiah managed to respond to the CPR and was screaming by the time the paramedics had arrived at the scene. He was diagnosed with sleep apnea on arrival to hospital and kept for observation though he was already in stable condition thanks to the effort of Ethan Wilson and Rocky Hurt.

The act of bravery from Hart and Wilson

The boys revealed in an interview they did that they had learnt the procedures of performing CPR by reading posters in the school’s cafeteria. They wanted to gain the information and be prepared in case they were ever found in such a situation. Lucky for them, they were caught in one and they have to be applauded as they acted with distinct bravery and preciseness to save Isaiah’s life. They were talking to local station news known as WAGA.

The two heroes are actually 10 – 15 years younger than the average bystanders. This is surprising considering the fact that a majority of bystanders are often afraid to give any assistance or do anything. That’s why both Hart and Wilson are considered heroes who should be emulated by all.