Things about Chronic kidney disease

When you have a chronic kidney disease, which means your kidney has not been working normally. Your kidneys are so important and they play a vital role in filtering the blood in the body. They are responsible for eradicating the toxins and water in the body and they flush them through the urine. When the kidneys are malfunctioning, the toxins will buildup in the blood and this will cause illness. Chronic kidney disease may happen abruptly. But it has been going on for several years or so as an outcome of the damage to your kidneys. Both kidneys have around millions of little filters known as nephrons. If these are damaged, they will not work properly.
For some time, healthy nephrons can take the extra task, but if the damage continues to go on, more and more of them will shut down. There will be a certain point wherein the nephrons left will not be able to function normally too and they cannot filter the blood anymore to keep your healthy. There is a way to measure how the kidneys work and that is through Glomerular filtration rate or GFR. This is used to calculate the results from the blood creatinine. The stage of the kidney illness will be figured out with the use of GFR. There are 5 different stages of kidney disease, from kidney damage with normal GFR to kidney failure.
The cause of the disease

The cause of chronic kidney disease

Chronic kidney disease is because of damage to the kidneys. This is because of high blood pressure and high blood sugar or diabetes. There are other things that can also be the culprit for the said illness and they are kidney infections or kidney problems from birth. Narrowing of the blocked renal artery may also be the cause of the disease or it may also be the use of certain drugs over a long period of time like NSAIDS.

How to treat chronic kidney disease

You can treat the illness by controlling your blood pressure & sugar levels. Keeping them in range can stop in causing damage to the kidneys. By losing weight and getting enough exercise, you can also help your kidneys. Kidney disease is a difficult problem and you need to take drugs for it and go through a lot of tests. You have to stay as healthy as possible and keep close contact with your doctor for the treatment. A big lifestyle change is very important for the treatment. Doing all these can help in slowing down the progression of the disease.

What will happen if the illness progress and becomes worst?

As soon as the kidney function fall under a certain level, kidney failure is taking place and it can badly affect the whole body functions. The patient must go through a dialysis wherein the blood will be filtered since the kidneys can no longer do that function. This is not a treatment, but this is just a temporary solution to keep the patient feel better and live longer too. A kidney transplant may also be another option, having a new kidney will make you feel better and you will be able to enjoy a normal life again.