A critical look at the new health care legislationsAs per this law, health plans are also barred from demanding prior authorization for the emergency services. Mandate is also given that the plans should follow the rule of ‘prudent layperson.’ This for example means that when a person checks in at the emergency room with chest pains only to be diagnosed with indigestion problems, such a claim will also need to be covered because under such circumstances, going to a healthy facility made sense. These provisions start for those plans covering emergency at the start of the new plan year after September 23.

Emergency care claims being denied

For many years now, insurance plans have been denying claims made for ER for many different reasons. Even though only very little data exists showing the extent of this problem, a new study showed that one in every six claims made for emergency care department was denied in California by the two large HMOs.

In another separate story, the insurance regulators in the country inundated with consumer confusion and questions over the new law on health have high hopes that rolling out of a consumer site is going to alleviate much of their pain. US Department of Health & Human Services will by 1st July set up a site with each state having a certain section designated for it. Small businesses and consumers will now be able to consult the website when they want to buy insurance plans.

There will be a list of all the health plans available that each state has authorized in its jurisdiction. This federal website will also have a list of network providers of the plans, the various services they offer, how to sign up and exactly who is eligible for the plans. This portal will include Medicare, private plans, Medicaid, new high risk pools and State Children’s Health Insurance Program. It is being regarded as the first step for what will be the new state based insurance exchanges.

The new health care legislation under Obama administration

Meanwhile, The Washington Post has reported that millions of people in District of Columbia have some pre- existing conditions which might preclude them from getting their own insurance coverage. This figure has about 1.5 million people only in Virginia with over a million of them Maryland, notes Families USA, one of the liberal groups advocating for universal health care. The health care legislation under Obama administration will prohibit the insurers from charging high premiums or turning people away just because of their health risk or medical history.

The Buffalo News notes that the insurers have urged their colleagues to negotiate for finer details of the new rules and implementation more actively. Despite the continuing reservations, the insurers still have an opportunity of influencing the ultimate application of the law.