The link between Zika and microcephaly

As the Zika virus continue to spread and became pandemic all over the US, the health officials are starting to cram. They want to learn more about this virus and how they will be preparing for it if the cases went up. At the moment, the emergency operations center of the USCDC is on its highest alarm for the Zika response. This is only for the 4th time in history. As they speak with the director Dr. Fieden about the outbreak and what they are still learning.

The researchers are still working on the link between Zika with microcephaly. But have they learned a lot during the past month? Categorically, daily they are learning about the virus and how it is moving to affect the people.  This is just simple to say that the association between Zika & Guillaine barre seems sturdy and that may not be amusing at all. They have seen close post infection complications just after a lot of various infections affect the people, that includes some of which that are close to Zika.  The association of Zika to microcephaly is also becoming robust.

The Alarming effect of Zika

It is not the real evidence at the moment. It will take a lot of time that includes the method to comprehend what truly happened when Colombia and some other nations with big numbers of infection rate went on, so that women who were infected during the 1st trimester delivery. They have another investigation team posted in Columbia to go on in the study.  They presently have more than 500 people working on this at the CDC headquarters. This has been very challenging for them. It is quite different to know if there is a new reason that affects the babies and leads to birth defect. It is unparalleled to discover that a mosquito that is so small can affect the lives of the babies in various parts of the world.

With this in mind, the people are very much concern and they understand why is that so. This is the reason why they worked hard to get more information as precisely and fast as possible. They also know for a fact that the sexual transmission is still possible; this is the reason why they highly suggest men who have had an intercourse with their partners who are pregnant. If they may have Zika virus, due to travelling or any other reasons, you can use a condom to prevent it from possible transmission. The researchers were able to find out the real virus in the brain tissues of the babies who died because of microcephaly. They were able to see the reactions of the body and that alone made the tests clear that the virus was causes the problem to the babies is a real threat to their lives.  This has been the real cause of microcephaly among babies.