Type 2 diabetes and blood tests

Last December 8, a lot of Americans with type 2 diabetes might be getting the unimportant blood tests for sugar and in some of the instances, pointless in the medicine, there was a new study suggested by experts. The researchers have discovered that in a big group of the adults in America wherein the adults with a controlled kind of type 2 diabetes, 60% of which went through a lot of hemoglobin A1C tests.  The tests, wherein the gauges of a person’s average blood sugar control in the past 3 months, are randomly used to check and to keep an eye to the type 2 diabetes. However, the guidelines say that it must be done once or 2x a year only if the patient has been showing a good sugar control in his/her blood tests. This is according to the new study conducted.

If the patients in the present study fell into this category, around 55% of those who went through the A1C tests 3-4x yearly. There is another 6% that had at least 5 tests yearly; this is according to the new study that was published in December 8 online. According to Dr. McCoy, the big problem is that people usually think that getting a lot of tests is much better. However, as in other aspects of medicine, that is not just important in caring for a diabetic patient, he added.  If someone is doubtful if he/she will benefit from the A1C test, she insists that there is a downside just like the cost and the inconvenience which cannot really be justified. More so, there are lots of possible risks to the health of the patients Dr. McCoy said. In the study conducted, the recurrent A1C tests boost the possibilities that the patients may start in an added medicine to control the blood sugar levels. It is just that he is worried about the intense regimens that the patient may go through and that they may suffer from low blood sugar levels.

The new study to benefit diabetic patients

There is a new study based on an insurance claim made from year 2001-2013 for more than thirty one thousand type 2 diabetes patients in people aged 18 and above. Of all the people who went through the A1C levels that were constantly below 7% in the past 2 years, that means that the blood sugar level they have is totally in good control.  As a whole, Dr. McCoy added, there is just a small chance that the patients may get an advantage from having the A1C tests more than 1x yearly or just 2xs yearly. But, most of the patients were tested often than that and that is what the study has revealed.

When it comes to controlling the blood sugar levels, the key is to restrain the complications of diabetes over time, like nerve damages, damages to the blood vessels, kidneys and other organs of the body. According to the clinical trials made, lowering the A1C of 8.5% down to 7% can actually lower the possibility of having a heart attack as well among diabetic patients. However, there is also a proof that having a strict blood sugar control can actually make the lives of the people shorter on the other hand.