How the government acts on the disaster preparedness

In spite of the important exertions over the past years, the American government remained ill and unprepared when it comes to responding to the immediate medical needs of the kids during an emergency. This report was, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.  The kids are very much prone to ailments and harm during endemics, natural calamities like typhoon, terrorist attacks and fire. There must be additional preparation, readiness planning and others that must be done to make sure that the kids are safe during instances like these, and the new policy statement has been published in the Pediatrics as they claim.  The kids signify around a ¼ of the American populace, however, they are quite affected unduly by some of the instances and certain public health emergencies according to the report of the states.

A primary problem, according to the researchers who studied about it is that even if they make an effort in indicating more age suited life saving tools, supplies and medicines for kids in case of disasters, most of the vaccines and the pharmacies in the country’s reserve are not approved for use in adults at the moment. In a lot of instances, the pediatric formulas and doses along with the safety information are not always available for kids. The authors quote some instances. First, a lot of emergency medicines and various countermeasures were primarily made for the military and they have only been checked and tested in adults and not in kids, for instance, the vaccines for smallpox along with the vaccines for anthrax were researched and checked in the said populace according to a doctor and professor of the Pedia ward in Northwestern University School of Medicine during an interview with the BBC news.

The problem with kids

However, with the growing issue about terrorism in America, the risk is no longer restricted to the military and the kids must be given considerations according to the authors.  They have made some kind of medical research on kids through a clinical drug trial, for instance, they also come with the worries about the safety of the kids and their incapacity to give their informed consent in certain matters. The added leap and securities are needed to handle the issues successfully, but quite more expensive.

Moreover, since the kids usually have a problem with swallowing medicines and they may not accept medicines with bad tastes, pediatric formulas are still needed, which are quite bulky and costly. The pediatric formulas also have a shorter lifespan so they are quite costly to keep. However, in terms of the health and safety of the kids, the authors are still haggling about the cost that must not be a problem at all. There were a doctor and professor who suggest that there must also be a life jacket stock because the other sizes are so costly. In this case, if the boat sinks there will only be.