There is a new proof associating asthma, eczema and hay fever among kids to a higher possibility of developing heart problems when they get old. The allergies can make the kids troublesome when they get older; however, scientists do believe that they can still have even more profound effects on health that may bring impact into their lives later on. According to the allergy journal of Dr. Silverberg, those who have asthma, hay fever and even eczema, which are the most typical allergy types among kids, have shown higher rates of obesity, high cholesterol levels and hypertension compared to those without the allergies mentioned. All of these are known as the risk factors for heart ailments and may show up later on in life.

The findings even suggest that the big part of the kids affected by the said allergies, the most recent figures show that it is actually the 3rd most usual chronic diseases among kids and they may feel the fuel surge in heart ailments in the coming years of their lives. It may have been soaring in the past decades and have caused an impact in the disease rates of the country, added Silverberg. This will go on in the next years to come.  It may be the subject of the researchers in the years to come to know if they are actually thinking about the increasing rates of the allergic ailments are driving the heart ailments or not.

Allergies to fuel up the issues of the heart

There might be some ways for the allergies to fuel up the heart issues. For a kid or kids with allergies, they are often living a sedentary life and they are not prone to physical activities, since going outdoors and doing some activities may trigger the signs. They also tend to invite unhealthy actions like smoking or drinking. Nevertheless, the allergies might involve more inflammation and the inflammation is elevating concerned in a most heart diseases primarily because of some risk factors and that includes high cholesterol as well as hypertension. According to Silverberg, they did not think of the allergic inflammation of asthma and eczema to develop heart disease among kids, but they have started to see more and more connection between them.

The causes of allergies and how to prevent heart ailments

He added, the growing documented cases among kids under 17 years old from a survey say that it is just small. This means that the relations do not mean that most of the kids who have allergies can also have a heart ailment later on in life. Asthma along with hay fever, for instance, was linked with 1.3% and 1.14% higher possibility of hypertension and below 1% greater of high cholesterol. The small effect might be attributed to the truth that a lot of kids do not develop heart disease or even heart risk factors while they are still young, however the fact still remains that these increases were still being observed. The doctor added that they have to do their job better and they can only do that by controlling the allergy. At present, they have very few choices available that are safe for a long term use. The pediatricians will now be facing hardship in terms of balancing the side effects of some of the drug treatments over the harmful effect of just leaving the allergies untreated, that may be risky for the heart as the years go by.