Mobile Apps That Can Manage Migraine Complicationsiphone manufacturers have come up with mobile apps that are supported by their system, which are capable of managing the nagging medical problem of migraines. Those of you who have experience the unbearable pain that is associated with migraine will be relieved to learn how easy it is to counter migraine using the following apps.


It is a free version app and hence you have to contend with adds to enjoy its functionality. Some features are not perfect because for one, there are limited symptoms and it means that what the app may list is not what you experience. The best thing about this app is that you can input all the medication you take for migraine treatment so that it can guide you on the right medication for your particular attack.

iManage Migraine

A free app also that has a lot of migraine related topics. Its management, treatment and other solutions seem to be interlinked too much such that you cannot get clear remedies. The best thing is for you to try it and give opinions of this app developed by Merck Pharmaceutical Company.

Headache Relief Diary

A great free app that you can feed with information about acute migraine cases, and you will get the solution instantly. Its flexibility makes it to be one of the best apps iPhone has included. You are given an option to enter additional symptoms in addition to the listed ones. You are also allowed to input the effectiveness of the medication you take, and any side effects if any. Lastly, you can record the daily medication you use. When all the information is in one place, the case can be managed in a better way.

Chronic Pain Tracker

The lite version of this app is free. It is the best app that I would recommend for people with a history of chronic pain. Although it limits you to input acute migraine cases that you experience, it was designed with the assumption that you experience severe pains in every day. The lite version will serve you perfectly, and remember that it gives you the chance to learn the app before you purchase the full version.

Health through Breath Pranayama

In order to use this app you will have to part with $4.99. A very nice meditation app that will help you relieves your pain through mindfulness and breathes. Use this app and you will congratulate me.

Medical Encyclopedia

Another free app that will give you a list of symptoms surgeries, tests, ailments and many details that will help you follow various topics that you need to learn. If a doctor uses any of the medical jargons, as a layperson, you will not be left behind because help is in the palm of your hand.