If you have type-2 diabetes and you want to manage it well, the levels of the blood sugar are not just the primary thing that you need to keep track, you also need to check on your cholesterol levels and blood pressure, since they are indicators of your heart’s health. People with diabetes are two times prone to developing a heart ailment. Taking care of heart’s health is very important if you want to manage type 2 diabetes.

In what way type 2 diabetes affects the heart

Diabetes & the health of the heart are related to each other. It’s because when you treat diabetes, you are actually treating a cardio disease as well according to Dr. Joel Zonszein. The prime cause of fatality and impediments in people with type 2 diabetes is actually the heart disease. The truth is that 2 out of 3 individuals with diabetes will actually die from a heart attack or from a stroke; this is according to the American Heart Association. The explanations why diabetes alleviates the risk for having a heart disease & stroke are very complex.


Those with diabetes are of greater risk for high cholesterol levels, hypertension & obesity as well. There are researchers that show that these complications may boost the levels of inflammation that makes cardio events like heart attack and stroke more usual. You have to take a closer look at ways of how to improve your blood sugar level to prevent the complications of diabetes, but more so, you need to control your blood pressure, weight and cholesterol levels as well to protect your heart. Those with diabetes who also have had a heart attack are more prone to dying from it than those without diabetes. This is due to the micro vessel changes that happens with diabetes, a heart that is diabetic cannot recover well from a heart attack. You need to bear it in your mind.

Comprehending the relationship of blood pressure & cholesterol levels

Having a diabetes doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have a heart attack too or stroke. You can be protected by being observant and knowledgeable about your blood pressure & your cholesterol levels as well. The ADA or the American Diabetes Association typically recommend a systolic that is much lower than 120mm/Hg and a diastolic that is much lower than 80mm/Hg. These are typically in ration with the systolic on top like 110/80. For the cholesterol levels, they only recommend LDL aka bad cholesterol that is lower than 100mg/dL and HDL aka good cholesterol that is more than 40mg/dL for men & 50mg/dL for ladies. The Triglycerides should be less than 150mg/dL.