How the Smartphone app works

The man did the noble act after being alerted on his phone that someone who was nearby required CPR. The grandmother of Baby Nolan had gone to a dance shop together with his older sister to take some ballet slippers when the baby suddenly stopped breathing. The clerk of the store who used to be a lifeguard started to administer some rescue breathing techniques to the baby after he called 911. This shows the importance of mastering the skills of offering a CPR for adults as well as for children.

The Spoken Fire Department people were hooked up to PulsePoint, a great app which uses the GPS of the people to alert people who are trained in performing CPR of cases of cardiac arrest to their emergency dispatch center. A nearby car mechanic, Jeff Olson, who is also a volunteer of EMT had downloaded this app and received the alert on his cell phone. Olson said that the alert he received on his phone was similar to an Amber Alert and as he checked it, he was alerted that CPR was needed and the address was shown.

Jeff rushed to the store quickly where he started performing chest compressions on the baby until the arrival of the first responders. Nolan thankfully managed to pull though and is currently recovering at a local hospital. The baby was born having adult sized kidneys and this might be what could have caused his cardiac distress. His family is currently undergoing training on CPR just in case something similar happens in the future. Brian Schaeffer, the assistant Fire Chief noted that the investment had his department had made in technology was the right step towards providing the community with the vital assistance required.

Finding a CPR class near you

The app can only be downloaded by people who actually know CPR and thanks to it you can end up saving a person’s life. It is very important that people know how they should perform chest compressions. CPR is a technique used to make the lungs and heart work in times of an emergency. By taking a CPR class, you can be able to handle most emergency situations. For people who have taken a children CPR class already, they should think about taking a refresher course as well if their baby is a year old now. The steps to be followed for both CPR and Heimlich maneuver usually change when the kids turn a year old.