Soon Doctor of Medicine Degree Might Be DisplacedA patient of mine once suggested that we give him an antibiotic prescription so that it can lower the risk of getting a heart attack. I was treating him for a coronary artery disease and he backed his request with literature that did show that he very well knew the benefits of aspirin. Aspirin effects do not help much with blood thinning but will be good to treat inflammation.

Different Sectors under Threat

If we change the topic a bit, there was an editorial in the Economist that suggested that legal expertise in the United States may not have to go through the three years in a law school to join the bar. Maybe the trick was to cut the study duration to about two years, or simply give a nod to anyone who can successfully pass the bar examination. There is a threat to quality services that can be offered by professional who have gone through complete degree course, as compared to the increased supply of college graduate into the job market. The employment value is projected to decline. Careers may end up being for the undereducated, which will be looking to learning the skills through hands-on.

This gives us a reason to wonder whether the coveted degree of doctor of medicine may be useless after all. If a physician can simply take the role of a doctor in an institution, then doctorate graduates will have a tough time fitting into the same health industry and having the authority that their quality of education requires. Just because people can get literature that guides them on how to perform medical procedure does not mean that there will be effective and efficient treatment services in our hospitals. There is a lot more than just giving prescriptions and diagnosing ailments.

Patients Are At Risk

Lower-level health officers will argue that they have enough skills to perform medical procedures like prescribing drugs, delivering babies, performing surgeries and administering anesthesia. They are simply putting the patients at risks because at certain levels, they may not be able to practice all the safety measure that the procedures require. Such situations should be left to the doctor because in anything goes wrong in the delivery room or in the theatre, then the doctor has all the skills to handle the situation of arresting the situation. This also applies where wrong prescriptions have been given and life threatening results occur due to the bad medication. Only a doctor will deal conclusively with life and death situations.

Medical information that is easily available is being used by laypersons who think that just by reading the material, they can become experts in medical care. Access of the vital drugs and equipments will be hard for them and that will result to poor services. Lack of recognition of the power of these degrees will ultimately put the health sector in the bad books.