How often people see a doctor

People who are healthy and do not have any pains and aches never showed up for screening anymore even if only once a year. How often do you see a doctor?  Some of the people might have more health issues and they come more often to their doctor than others. If in case you had coronary ailments, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, sleep apnea and yet there are no signs at all? You will probably see your doctor more often for a routine check or probably, you will get to see your cardio 2x a year.

The big question is that, if you are sailing well and there are no changes felt in your body, but you know you have a medical problem, how often should you see your doctor?  For instance, if you have the issues mentioned above, you must visit your cardio yearly or even 2x a year. But in a more realistic way, your follow up schedule will truly be mandated by the doctor at the end of every checkup.  But how does a doctor know that you need to see him/her after 6 months or after a year or so?  As a patient, you will not think about this anymore and you will just comply with the schedule provided by the doctor.

Visiting a doctor

But have you asked yourself if it’s fine to ask the doctor next time you see him/her? How does he/she know that will be the perfect time for you to come back for your next checkup?  Well, doctors have few rules to consider whenever they asked you to come back after sometime. First reason is that those who are taking prescription medicines cannot buy medicines anymore after fulfilling the number written in the RX of the doctor and a lot of clinics have this rule that they will not provide new prescriptions to the patients after a year unless the patients went through a checkup again. This is one reason why patients must come back to their doctor after a year even if they are doing well.


Another thing is if the doctor wants to get something from your insurance company, he/she will of course ask you to come back more often and as often as monthly. This might sound silly, but this is true to most doctors these days.  Because of this having a routine follow up will likely to be often than expected. There is no definite reason why doctors do this, but it may be a big burden to some healthy patients already. There are some who religiously set an appointment and see their doctor yearly. This works well for people, but with clearer expectations. There are patients who see their doctors 2x a year, but what if something wrong happened? Well, there is no definite time to visit a doctor especially if you know you are well.