Facts about Heart failure patients

There was a new care model that effectively affects the results linked to Heart Failure patients. The Holy Name Medical Center in NJ took a leap and uses the nurses who went through the advanced training both in and outside of the medical center. If you will be given with a carte blanche to make a nursing care model, what do you think it will look like?  The VP of the advanced practice professionals at a hospital in NJ had to answer the query when the CEO of the organization asked her the chance few years back. She simply may have faked it alone, however, she wanted the input of the others to progress the model.

She even added that she doesn’t want to do anything like this alone.  Her leadership style is the one that can boost the others to push through and go on. With this, she came up with a sub-committee of nurse practitioners along with clinical nurse specialists to be able to come up with a model that will help in the proper implementation of the organization.  As they were doing the brainstorming session, it has led to the formulation of the NP Care Model. It is specifically centered in the patients’ health, collaborative care method meant to lessen the readmission rate and the cost of health care. It also aims to recover the results of the patient. The model’s information and results were currently published.

What a patient centered program is all about

The model has just become patient centered, since the entire point of this program is to improve the health of the patients. If there are hurdles in healthcare, there is a team that will fix everything, she added. That means that if they are not taking care of anything, the model is not taking the place of anything as well. It will enhance what has been transported.  There was a proof that showed how the APN gives equal or better results whenever they compare it to doctors, but there is also resistance in enabling the APN to work on top of their licenses.  The council of medical practitioners opposed this program, however, she points out that a provider does not have to outdo the other.

She said that she doesn’t see her place as a doctorate prepared nurse practicing her profession and aiming to be a doctor to soon take charge. She looked at her place as a partner of the doctor. Because she believes that in partnership, there is something that will result in the betterment of the patients. It will be the patient who will gain the benefits and not the doctor nor the nurses. As the outcome of the model shown, whenever the healthcare restrains and work altogether, the APNs are given the tasks to enable them to use their administrative along with their clinical known how. This brings a lot of good results to the patients, to the organization and to the doctors as well.