Those with high blood pressure may say that whenever they check their blood pressure at home they are getting normal results, so whenever they go and visit their doctor, they would always say that oh! Doc, my blood pressure is normal when I’m home. Think might be hard to believe in, but this is true somehow.

White coat hypertension exists

Whenever patients come to see their doctor, their blood pressure is not normal and they may be around 130/90, which is better known as white coat hypertension. Even if it has been thought of as anxiety of seeing the doctor, even those who are not uncertain about visiting their doctor, they can have a higher blood pressure whenever they are at work.  This is because blood pressure is normally fluctuating and the office is not a normal and relaxing environment for people. It is just so essential for people to have their blood pressure check at home, especially those with hypertension.

Anyone can check their blood pressure at home with the automated devices available these days. It is a must that you go through multiple checking throughout the week and get the reading whenever you are rested and not rushing for work or from an errand. The blood pressure must be taken after the exercise and after eating. It is essential to always keep the log and then write them down too. Through it, you can see if the pattern is really normal or know, through it you will know if your blood pressure is normal or not.

How about BP readings by the doctor?

The BP readings of the doctor at his/her office are not necessary anymore and it is not really accurate, especially if your previous readings are normal. This is because the patient usually rushes to go to the clinic, or the med ass. Might not be able to take note of the readings accordingly or she might not be able to hear accurately the result. It is really the multiple readings that counts a lot to give a clearer picture of the BP if it is controlled or not.


High blood pressure at the office can be the real result of hypertension or it can also be a white coat hypertension that can be controlled whenever you are home. If the patient is having a hypertension medicine and has a controlled blood pressure at home, there is no need to add more medicine to it just to control the elevated BP at the office. If the patient hasn’t been detected with hypertension and the blood pressure is still elevated at the office, you might be told to buy your own BP reader and then go back with the list of readings you have had for rechecking.